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When Email Marketing Goes Bad

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From time to time I get emails from retailers that just make me laugh.  Below is one of those examples…

Now, I’ve been called by ladies names but only by my golfing partners when I leave a putt horribly short.   And please don’t judge the fact that I’m on Chili’s mailing list.  I pretty much hate it there but it is where someone suggested I go on a date with one of their friends who is very soon to be my wife.

Don’t get me wrong I do love what Chili’s is doing here.  I think anytime you can personalize a subject line in an otherwise “non-personal” email you are going to get the readers attention.  But as this email points out, you need to make sure your data list is accurate.

An easy way to clean up your list is to employ one of your temps to spend a day or two contacting everyone on your email list to verify you have their correct info.  Doing this once or twice a year will ensure that your list is up to date and accurate.

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Todd Lewandowski has nearly 10 years of marketing experience in the staffing and recruiting industry.  Todd has worked with over 100 staffing and recruiting firms in the development and execution of email marketing programs. 

If you would like to discuss email marketing for your firm, please contact Todd at [email protected].

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