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The Haley Marketing team recently gathered over a few drinks to enjoy the beautiful summer weather here in Western New York. In an effort to “break-in” some of our newer teammates here at Haley, we decided to try out an icebreaker.

Each member of the team wrote down interesting facts on a postcard. Then, we took turns reading the facts aloud, so that the team could match the facts to the Haley team member. It was rather enlightening and amusing to hear some of the interesting tidbits about our great, diverse group.

Here’s a sampling of some of the “facts” shared by the Haley team:

  • I once sang at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.
  • I once lived in a cupboard.
  • I have preformed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and Madison Square Garden.
  • My father took piano lessons with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.
  • I was a member of the Ricky Schroeder fan club.

Who knew we were such an interesting group? I was pretty surprised at some of the facts myself!

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