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Improving the Candidate Experience for Temporaries: What are you doing?

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What’s the biggest weakness in your staffing firm?

Sales? Service?

Probably not. The biggest weakness for the entire staffing industry is the way we treat candidates. To put it bluntly, the experience sucks.

In a 2011 study by Inavero, candidates gave the staffing industry an average NetPromoter score of -33%!  Even when we discard all those people who did not get placed, the industry’s NetPromoter score was still only positive 28%.

That’s lousy!  And it’s costing you a lot!

A bad candidate experience seriously increases your costs. How?

  1. You get fewer referrals.
  2. You see more candidate attrition.
  3. Job orders take longer to fill.
  4. Service to your clients suffers.

You get the picture. Unhappy candidates = higher costs.
But what can you do?

What candidates want more than anything else is better communication. They come to you to find a job. They want to know if you have one for them. They want to know what you can you do to help them. And at a minimum, they want to know what’s going on with their job search.

If you’d like some specific ideas for designing a better experience, check out this article from ERE: We Did Something About the Candidate Experience.

While the article is focused on corporate recruiters, the information is perfect for the staffing industry. The author, Chad Godhard, outlines a four pronged approach to improving the recruiting process that will result in a better experience for your candidates.

Here are the highlights:

  1. Use social media for more than blasting out job posts. Use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to educate candidates about the real experience with your firm.  Show them why they would WANT to work for you.
  2. Shorten your online application process…a lot! Chad’s firm cut their application to just 3 fields!
  3. Commit to timely follow-up…with EVERYONE. Communication is huge, and your staffing software probably makes it easy.  Set-up templates and use the tools you have.
  4. Train your interviews to ensure a two-way exchange of information. Make your candidates feel valued.

Read the full article>

So what do you think?
Do staffing firms need to improve the candidate experience?  If so, what could and should they do?

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