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How to communicate with your marketing agency.

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In today’s marketplace, digital technology is embedded everywhere. While some projects like websites and email campaigns are obviously technical, even print projects must adhere to very specific rules for quality results.

That logo file you worked up in Microsoft Publisher six years ago or that FrontPage website from 1999? They are simply incompatible with today’s digital needs. And those needs, like the hardware used to develop and display them, are always upgrading.

So where does that leave you?
Unfortunately, it creates a knowledge gap, and unless you have someone on staff who’s a closet marketing geek, you probably won’t know the answers to some very critical technical questions. But here’s where you can find some of the answers:

Questions about PMS colors, high resolution images, and vector art.
We need these things to produce quality output for print. If you don’t know the exact PMS colors in your logo, or you can’t find that .EPS file we requested, ask the printer that produces your business cards. They can probably answer the questions related to print projects and supply the files needed.

Questions about DNS, web hosting and analytics.
Ask the company that currently hosts your website or the company that created your current website. They should know where your website is hosted, what kind of server it is hosted on, how to access the appropriate servers to make changes, and possibly how to access your Google or other analytics account.

Questions about ATS (staffing software) integration.
Ask your software provider. They should be able to provide detailed instructions for integrating features of their software with your website.

Questions you don’t know how to answer.
Ask us!

At Haley Marketing, we are constantly learning new web programming and print technologies, and we are happy to help you solve your marketing problems.

And if you ever don’t understand what we are talking about, ask us to slow down and explain. If you don’t know what kind of paper your brochure is printed on or who’s hosting your website, ask us to follow up with your vendors. We speak the same technical language they do and can ask the right questions to get the information we need and get your marketing out in front of your clients.

While we may drive you crazy with questions, we are on your side — we are here to help you solve your marketing problems and help grow your business!

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