Facebook Inc. (FB) appears to be planning to launch its own job board later this summer. According to an article at NASDAQ.com, the board will aggregate the job postings of third-party providers, making them available for search by Facebook users. (Read the full story here)

So what does this mean for staffing firms?

  1. You’ll have another way to recruit in Facebook.
    – Hopefully it will be even more targeted than job boards!
  2. Jump in early, while the service is free.
    – Facebook doesn’t intend to monetize the service…yet.
  3. You better have a good Facebook presence.
    – More job seekers will be checking you out on Facebook, are you ready?

And of course, more people will predict the death of the staffing industry as Facebook becomes a more serious player in the recruiting market. But just like when job boards came on to the scene and more recently LinkedIn, more recruiting tools doesn’t make it easier to find talent.

But it will put more pressure on staffing firms to provide better talent, fill job orders faster than employers can do on their own, and deliver value with more strategic approaches to staffing.

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