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Make Google Your Best Recruiter

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If you were out of work…or just looking for a better job, where would you go first?

Indeed? CareerBuilder? LinkedIn? Your local newspaper? Sure, but the #1 place people go look for new job opportunities is Google.

So how do you get more candidates to find your jobs?

  1. Post every job to your website. Your staffing firm MUST (and yes, that’s a capital must), have the ability to post every job to your website.
  2. Make sure the jobs are actually on your website. Your jobs need to be on a subdomain of your company website (e.g., jobs.abcstaffing.com). Depending on the ATS you use, that may or may not be happening. (And if it’s not, call us!)
  3. Optimize job titles. Google is driven by keywords. Use them in your job titles. Don’t just post a job as “Admin Assistant,” post it as “Administrative Assistant Job Opening in Buffalo” or “Admin and Office Job in 14221.” The idea is to mix a descriptive job title in with a geographic location to make your jobs more targeted for searchers.
  4. Post the same job multiple ways. Different people search using different keywords, so consider writing multiple posts for the same job using different terms in the job title.
  5. Blog about the jobs you have. Blogging is the world’s greatest bait for search engines. The content you post gets indexed amazingly fast–often within minutes. So in addition to posting jobs to your website, write detailed blog posts about the job, and when possible even include information about your client–job seekers often search for jobs at specific companies.
  6. Blog about topics your ideal candidates find interesting. You want your website to become a magnet for great talent. They best way to do that is to offer great content–topics that will appeal to people who are in the job disciplines you serve but may not be actively in the job market.

Does this work?

Absolutely. One of our clients, uses the techniques described above to recruit physicians. After a lengthy analysis of all their recruiting methods, they found that the combination of detailed, SEO optimized job posts and blog content delivered 200% better ROI than any other recruiting method.

Need a job board for your website?

Call Haley Marketing! Our job board software lets you:

  • Post every job to your website
  • Optimize individual posts for Google
  • Automatically re-post jobs to Simply Hired, Facebook and Twitter
  • Sponsor jobs on Indeed
  • Automate email marketing of hot jobs to your candidates

All for the cost of less than one job posting per month!
Call for complete details. 1.888.696.2900.

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