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Why You Should Care About the New “Featured Groups” on Your Company LinkedIn Page

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LinkedIn has changed a lot during 2012, so much that is it difficult at times to keep up with it all! But in recent days, they have released a new update for company pages that we think is pretty neat: Featured Groups on company pages.

As you no doubt know, LinkedIn plays a big role in making connections in the staffing industry. An opportunity that many staffing firms are taking advantage of is having their recruiters be active in groups. Whether they are sharing your firm’s blog posts, participating in discussions with potential candidates or clients, or interacting with other industry professionals, their actions can help your company. But until now, there wasn’t a way that companies could directly highlight the fact that their recruiters are active in specific groups.

Staffing Industry LinkedIn Featured Groups

This new option allows you to add groups that you are active in on LinkedIn to your company’s page. Once you have added Featured Groups to your page, it will add the list to your right sidebar in the bottom for visitors to see.

Why would it be cool to add featured groups to your company’s page? Here a few reasons you should consider:

  • Featured Groups gives you the opportunity to showcase staffing organizations or associations’ groups you are a part of.  If you are affiliated with a particular organization, it may build credibility if a potential prospect or candidate sees you display it on your page.
  • Featured Groups are a great way to highlight a particular specialty your firm has. If you are participating in an industry-specific group (such as the Software Development Community group), it can help draw attention to your expertise in this area.
  • Featured Groups are a great way to highlight community ties. If your firm prides itself on its community ties and you participate in a specific group for your community, consider adding it as a Featured Group.  

LinkedIn currently only allows you to add three groups, so you want to make sure that you pick ones that are best for your company.  Do you have a question about using social media in the staffing industry? Give us a buzz! We’d love to talk to you about how you can take advantage of social media for your company.

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