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How AWESOME Are Your Customers? Hint: It’s a trick question.

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So if it’s a trick question, what’s the right answer?

It has nothing to do with how “awesome” your customers are on their own, but how much you do to help them be awesome (i.e., happy, successful, cost-efficient, or whatever experience outcome they are looking for).

Kevin Stirtz (aka “The Amazing Service Guy”) recently wrote a blog post about “awesomeness” – as it relates to the customer service experience – that I found particularly relevant for staffing and recruiting companies.  Here’s a brief summary of his key points and how to apply them to your organization:

  • Every action by every person in your company tells the story of what your company believes is most important.  If all you do is focus on your business (why it’s the best, what sets you apart), you’re sending customers a message that you’re more important than them.  Make sure that your website, social media messaging and other marketing balances “we’re great” messages (i.e., Here’s why our staffing firm is so awesome!) with service-oriented messages (i.e., What can we do for you?).
  • When you talk mostly about yourself, customers tune out.  The lesson here?  Train your sales staff to be service-oriented problem-solvers.  Teach them how to ask the right questions, discuss clients’ business challenges and help them solve their problems – not merely sell your services.
  • Back up your customer-focused conversations with action.  Don’t just give your customers lip service.  Follow through on your service commitments!  I’ve mentioned the importance of this for internal customers, but it’s just as critical (if not more so) for your clients.  So when you promise to make your customers more awesome, set realistic expectations – and then deliver.

Consider what you currently do to help your customers be more awesome:

  • What does your staffing firm do to help customers to save money?  Time?  Headaches?
  • How do your temporary employees make your clients more successful?
  • How do your search services make HR’s job easier?

Is it enough?  Could you do more?  As we begin a New Year, it’s great food for thought.  Because at the end of the day, the more awesome you can help your customers become, the more they’ll keep coming back to you!

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