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Who’s Going to Win – You? Or Your Competition? What Google’s New Maps App Means for Your Firm

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Every time Google holds a press conference or a launch party, businesses hold their breath to see what they are rolling out “this time” to see how it will impact their business. Google (and all search engines) are constantly altering their algorithms, features, and products in an effort to deliver more relevant and higher-quality results. This is great for consumers, but can leave businesses scrambling.

This week the world was able to get a glimpse at the new Google Maps App when it leaked early. As technology mavens drooled, the business community took a deep breath and buckled down to figure out how it will impact their companies.

The new app is more dynamic and socially driven. The map (and anything you search for or navigate to) will be tailored to each individual user by making travel and destination suggestions. All of this is generated by taking cues from your navigation and search history, as well as your personal reviews and behavior.

What Does This Have To Do With Staffing?

If a user of the app searches for “Employment Agency in XYZ City,” the app will deliver a list based upon the individual’s unique history, what their friends have recommended on Google+ Local (formally known as Google Places), and results whose company G+ page is well optimized. That means each and every user may have a different search result.


Obviously you can’t do anything to control an individual’s unique search history or their friends’ Google+ activity, but you can position your company to be considered a viable option by having a well optimized and active G+ company page. If you don’t and your competitor does, you’re going to miss out on potential candidates and clients.

So, to keep this from happening, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Create or claim a page for your business on Google+.
  • Optimize the page by including relevant and keyword-rich details in the description.
  • Upload company pictures such as a logo, picture of your building, or a few other relevant pictures (remember, keep it professional!).
  • Complete all of the details (if possible). This includes contact information, email, web address, hours, and categories.
  • Once the page is setup and has been verified by Google, get active and post frequent updates from the page! Consider sharing your company’s blog posts or other company news from the page.
  • Request that your clients and candidates leave you reviews or “star” your business (a higher score means you rank higher in results!). Make this easy for them by providing them a link to the page and instructions on how to leave a review.

Even though Google will deliver unique results for each app user, you can quickly leave your competition in the dust by ensuring you have a properly optimized listing. Need some help with this? Contact the staffing industry’s social media and SEO gurus to help get your firm ready for the new Google Maps release.

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