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Do you have a Google Local Page? Google Revamps Local Search

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If you do not have a Google Local page (old Google Places) for your business yet, get one now! Yesterday, Google launched a new feature for local search results. You may start to notice the Knowledge Graph Carousel within your search results. The new feature tailors your local search results around Google local pages and provides reviews, location, review score, and photos.

Google makes the local pages prominent at the top of your search results with a very distinctive black background. When one of the locations is selected within the carousel, the search results for that specific location appear below. Make sure your website and social sites are optimized for search.

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 10.31.39 AM

Also, as you can see below, displayed are some of the top search results for Bacchus Wine Bar & Restaurant Buffalo. When a local page is selected in the carousel, the search results include their company website, Urbanspoon page, and Facebook page. Google is including review and social sites in search results regularly, especially in local search! Make sure that your social and review sites are optimized.


Currently, the local search carousel appears for restaurants and “other local pages.” While Google is vague today, we predict that they are going to roll out the Knowledge Graph Carousel for each of their local page categories.  That being said, make sure you have your Google local page categorized as “staffing agencies” or “recruiter.” For more information on Google+, Google local pages and their impact Google Maps’ results, check out Who’s Going to Win – You? Or Your Competition? What Google’s New Maps App Means for Your Firm by our Social Media Marketing Advisor, Jenny Keller (@JennyatHaley).

If you would like to learn more about Google local search, and the importance of SEO, contact the experts at Haley Marketing today. We have the marketing experience and knowledge to help you optimize your presence online, and draw quality traffic to your website. If you are looking for further discussion on marketing, please join our Ask Haley LinkedIn Group today.

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