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The “WOW Factor” in Customer Service for Staffing Firms

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Sometimes, we at Haley Marketing have really great ideas.

Sometimes, we learn about others’ great ideas – and then have to share them!

I recently read a great guest post by Greg Meyer on how to become a WOW-maker.  I know the title sounds a bit suspect, but Greg’s ideas certainly aren’t.  In fact, he shared several customer service ideas which are relevant for staffing and recruiting firms.  Here’s a quick summary of his main points:

So, what is “Customer WOW?” 

It’s something nice that a customer says, writes or posts about you or your company.  In simplest terms, it’s positive word-of-mouth.

Why is customer WOW important? 

WOW can help differentiate your company and provide sustainable competitive advantage.  When clients give you great feedback, you can leverage that feedback in your marketing – and stand out from the crowd.

How can your staffing firm generate it?

Not surprisingly, generating WOW starts with consistently delivering shareworthy service:

  • understanding the customer and providing empathy;
  • quickly identifying and solving the customer’s problem expertly;
  • trying to “do the right thing” (i.e., treating your customer the right way in each situation).

Greg provides the following tips for generating positive customer word-of-mouth:

  • Remember that your people are the first contact with your customers.  As such, you should train them to follow your procedures, but also to do something for each client that makes them really happy.  It could be as simple as sending complete information in an email, or as comprehensive as offering a free workforce assessment to a client that’s really struggling.
  • Process is key to delivering consistent service, but don’t let it become a hindrance.  If your policies are too rigid or detailed, they can actually create roadblocks to expedient service.  Periodically revisit your customer service processes (including submitting job orders, billing processes, post-placement follow-up, etc.) and work to improve those aspects of your service that make clients cringe.
  • Be open to using new tools.  Automating everyday tasks can free you to spend more time delighting your customers.  Investigate ways to automate time-consuming tasks – for both you and your clients – with smart technology.  Don’t know where to start?  Ask your highest performing team members what technology they are using (chances are, they’ll have ideas they can teach the rest of your staff!).

How do you know when you’re delivering WOW?

Your customers will let you know; but be sure to make it easy for them to tell you!  Provide multiple feedback channels and regularly ask them how you’re doing.  Need help getting started?  This quick post on best customer feedback techniques can help.

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