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Ask Haley: Why are my Facebook views so low?

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Q: I noticed something on our Facebook page and wanted to see if you had any insight. When we post something to Facebook, we generally get 500-600 views. But the views from RSS feeds like the blog or job board are very low. Why aren’t those items being viewed as much?

A:  Similar to search engines,  Facebook has its own internal algorithm.  So Facebook will decide whether or not your page update is shown to followers.  This decision is made from many different factors, one of the bigger being whether the post was manually done or automated. Facebook gives a higher score to posts that are made manually, which is why other posts receive much higher impressions. 

To help get more impressions we have a few options:

1. We can turn off the feeds and someone at your company can manually update your social media pages on a daily or weekly basis.

2. We offer a social sharing service in which a member of our social media team will manually update your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts with not only blog content but other great content too.  Here is an example of a client we’re doing this with: www.facebook.com/PorticoStaffing. They still supplement our posts with in-office posts, but it’s a really nice addition to their marketing mix.

3. We can leave the feeds as they are.  Even though it’s a much lower percentage of people being reached, it’s still reaching people and is better than not posting.  So if this is something that is not going to be posted manually (either internally or through out social sharing service) then I suggest leaving the feed as is.

I hope this clarifies things.  If you have any questions, please let me know.


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