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4 Social Media Post Templates that Produce Applications

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The staffing industry is realizing the importance of social recruiting and the power it has when mining for quality candidates.

The social media landscape is vast and many recruiters don’t know where to start.

Here are a few tips to get your social recruiting started:

  1. Post regularly to your social profiles. At least once or twice per day.
  2. Share content that resonates with your candidates and clients.
  3. Share visual content such as images to increase engagement.
  4. Be social. Interact with others and create genuine conversation. It’s about them!

Now that you know where to start, I want to give you the tools to be effective. Below are four social media post templates that will increase traffic to your job board and in turn, increase your number of applications.

LinkedIn Post

LinkedIn is the primary social networking tool for the staffing and recruiting industry.

As a staffing company, you will want to keep your LinkedIn company page up to date with job openings that you are looking to fill. Know your LinkedIn audience and post jobs that will appeal to them. There are five elements to a quality LinkedIn job post:

  1. The Call to Action.

    “We’re Hiring.” “Apply Today.” “Learn More About This Opportunity.” – Direct the reader.

  2. The Title of the Job.

    Although this seems obvious, some staffing firms post job openings without the exact title. “Engineering Jobs Available,” is not a good headline. Be specific. “Mechanical Engineer Job in Buffalo, NY”

  3. The Location.

    Many job seekers have a specific location in mind when on the job hunt. They have family and friends that they need to consider. Let them know the location directly in the post.

  4. An Image.

    Social media has become visual. Without an image or video, your post will get lost in the clutter.

  5. Salary.

    When applicable, include the salary range. If the position offers a desirable salary, this will entice more candidates to learn more about the opportunity.

Twitter Post

Candidates search Twitter constantly for new job opportunities.

Twitter offers candidates a quick and mobile opportunity to read job openings and take action. A tweet has a lifespan of about 30 seconds; so don’t feel bad sending multiple jobs out each day. An individual’s Twitter feed is cluttered, so here are three ways to stand out and have your job found by top candidates.

  1. Hashtags are important for Twitter search.

    Twitter users are able to search by hashtag or keyword. This allows your post to be found by individuals that may not follow you. #buffalojobs

  2. Strong Call to Action or Headline.

    “We’re Hiring” has been successful across the board compared to other headlines. Keep it short and sweet.

  3. Entice the reader.

    Provide a question, quote, or bold statement. Catch their attention.

Facebook Post

Facebook has made many changes in the past year that affect your ability to reach your social audience in their personal news feeds.

Facebook is now only showing your company page posts to around 5-7% of your audience. You will need to pay if you would like to reach a larger audience. That being said, Facebook is weighing visually appealing content heavier than text based. 

When putting together a Facebook post, make sure you include the following things:

  1. An Image!

    Include a custom graphic or video that will catch the eye of your audience. Make sure the image is a perfect square; 403 px by 403px at minimum.

  2. Job Details.

    Facebook offers you more real estate than Twitter. Use this space to share job details including salary, location, and some requirements.

  3. Strong call to action.

    Send the readers to your job board, phone number, or email address to apply.

Google+ Post

Google+ is an emerging social network that allows businesses to reach their social audience while improving search optimization.

When putting together a job post for Google+, take into account the following factors.

  1. The image is very important.

    Google allows you to include a very large image in each post. This is key to grabbing your audience’s attention.

  2. A strong headline.

    Just like every network, social readers on Google+ need an enticing headline to get them to take action.

  3. Contact information.

    Use the body copy of your Google+ post to direct readers to your job board.

  4. Share your post with your circles and the public.

    When shared publicly, your post has the opportunity to appear in local search results. If you share with your circles, they will be notified of your update.

No matter what network you are using to nurture relationships with candidates, use strong calls to action and provide your audience with quality information. Share your open jobs regularly, and provide your audience with resources to get their next job.

Social media is a place where you can develop an audience that is an asset to your company. Use these tips to produce quality posts that draw your qualified audience to apply.

If you are looking for social media marketing services for your staffing company, contact our experienced and creative team today.

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