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Creating a Social Media Marketing Campaign (In 15 Seconds)

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I’ll be honest. A vast amount of time can be spent covering all of your bases and putting together an effective social media marketing campaign. The strategy listed below is just that, one strategy and one approach to leverage your unique content to your audience through social media.

I’ve heard the question asked before and, admittedly, it has been answered by countless professionals. But, I’m going to tackle it myself and offer you my thoughts on it.

“Why do I need to be on Facebook (Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Vine, Kik, Pinterest, insert next month’s social craze here)?”

To be blunt, you don’t need to be, but I highly recommend that you are not only on it, but also regularly active as well.


Let’s Look at the Numbers.

Facebook – 1.15 billion active users

Instagram – 150 million active users

Twitter – 200 million active users

LinkedIn – 238 million registered users

It’s no secret that people are on their mobile devices throughout the day checking various social media platforms. In fact, next time you’re waiting in line at the grocery store or sitting at a restaurant waiting for your meal, take a second to look around and count the number of people on their phones. Better yet, are you one of them? Capitalize on this digital era and leverage your content via social media channels and push valuable information that provides a solution to the end consumer.

So How Can You Do This?
A few months ago, I wrote an article titled, The Addition of Video to Instagram. Since then Kyle Denhoff, Social Media Advisor, has published 6 Steps to Boost Your Facebook Post and Todd Lewandowski, Director of Content Marketing, published Hijacking Hashtags: It’s not as evil as it sounds.  

I (very cleverly) am going to put the three articles together as well as show you the newest approach Haley Marketing Group is taking to social media.


Instagram Commercials
On September 30, 2013, we released the first installment of our Monday Marketing video tip of the week via Instagram. 

You might be thinking to yourself; one, that’s a pretty cool idea, or two, so what? So, let’s take it one step further.

This 15 second video, filmed on an iPhone with in a normal room without an expensive lighting kit, is now a valuable piece of content that we can push through our social media channels to not only attract potential clients, but more importantly provide valuable content to the end user. After all, as Kyle said, “Your audience cares about themselves and their problems.” Our video series is dedicated to providing short tips and solutions to common problems.


Now What?
Now that the Instagram video is published, the final copy is saved as a new movie on your mobile device. Take that video and tweet it out to your followers. Doubling back to Hijacking Hashtags: It’s not as evil as it sounds, written by Todd Lewandowski, take note of trending hashtags and capitalize on a good opportunity. In addition to hijacking a popular hashtag, start your own so that your followers can find similar content. In the case of our video series, we are using #MondayMarketing and commonly use #LunchWithHaley for our monthly webinar series.


Facebook Haley Facebook
Remember the statistic from the beginning? Facebook has 1.15 billion active users. Go after them! Take your newly created Instagram video and add it to you company Facebook page.

But wait! In case you weren’t aware, Facebook restricts the amount of people that Like your page from actually seeing your posts. As of now, the Haley Marketing Group Facebook page has 1,211 Likes, but, as you can see from the graphic to the right, this post only showed up in 110 News Feeds, or 11% of our followers.

So how you can increase your content’s overall reach? Reference 6 Steps to Boost Your Facebook Post by Kyle Denhoff and boost your Facebook post so that your valuable content is pushed to more viewers.

Overall, this article is about the bigger picture and the entire social media marketing campaign that can be created because of one 15-second video. Remember, your audience is worried about themselves and their problems. Offer them a solution! Step down from your soapbox and stop shouting into the clutter. Instead, listen to what your followers have to say and join the conversation. Offer a solution, trust us people are much more likely to listen.



Brad Bialy, is a Social Media Advisor with Haley Marketing Group. Have something to say about this article? Join the conversation and Follow Brad on Twitter or Connect on LinkedIn. 

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