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Stop Working and Get on Facebook!

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Words you might not expect to hear at the office, but surprisingly good advice. That’s not to say that you should kick your shoes off and spend eight hours “liking” pictures of cats in funny outfits (though if that’s a job somewhere, sign me up), but utilizing your workforce as social media ambassadors can have strong positive results for your employer brand – and in turn, your bottom line.

A point we’ve stressed time and again is that all companies – big or small – need engaging and informative content. Once you have that content on your website, it shouldn’t die. It should be shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, used as handouts, and stuck on the fridge. One way to ensure this content has a longer lifespan and reaches a broader audience is to have employees share the content through their personal social media profiles.

Having your employees pass on positive messages regarding your company and its content greatly increases the chance that others will see it and become engaged. Your materials not only get the chance to be seen by your network, but their network, and their network’s network, and invariably are seen by large numbers of people who you or your company’s page might not be connected with – yet.

Additionally, positive brand ambassadors can effectively undo an unhappy customer review. Deleting negative customer comments is bad policy (and may slightly interfere with their first amendment rights). But addressing them through positive feedback, and having a plethora of happy and positive content as a backup to your company’s brand, is a strong way to say “we are a solid company, we know what we’re talking about, and we do our best.”

At Haley Marketing Group, we performed a case study by encouraging our own employees to actively share and participate in social media as brand ambassadors. What we saw over a 15-day period was a 175 percent increase in traffic driven to our website through activity on LinkedIn. Overall, people were not only seeing our content more, but enjoying and interacting with it in huge increments.

So keep posting content, and get your entire company involved. The more people that share, tweet, and “like” your content, the better. Start using your employees as not just your workforce, but the strong brand ambassadors they ought to be.

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