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ReSOLUTIONS for Your Business

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Some of the origins of making New Year’s resolutions go as far back as ancient Babylon, where promises were made to the gods at the start of the year to return borrowed objects and pay debts, to the Medieval era when knights took the “peacock vow” re-affirming their commitment to chivalry at the end of the Christmas season.

It is a widely held belief that New Year’s resolutions are best achieved spread out over time. For example, you are more likely to continue on the track of weight loss if you spread your plan across several months. This way, you are setting small measurable goals rather than setting one large weight-loss goal to end by a specific date.

Marketing actually works the same way. You are more likely to achieve results instituting a plan that is spread out over a period of time, measuring results and tweaking things along the way, rather than expecting one big result by a specific date.

Now is the best time to begin strategizing your marketing plan to match your New Year’s reSOLUTIONS for your staffing firm. Haley Marketing Group is ready to help you develop a sound marketing strategy to accomplish your goals to grow your business this year. Give us a call to kick-off your new year with the best reSOLUTIONS.

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