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Here are five ways to achieve the worst marketing results – ever. (If that’s what you’re going for.)

  1. Ignore every stat you’ve ever seen.
    One of the most reliable sources of information to base a sound marketing campaign on are statistics that show what will work to attract the audience you are trying to reach and in what manner. Ignore them and you can be well on your way to not communicating your message in a relevant to your specific audience.
  2. Do the opposite of everything you have ever seen work.
    Another reliable source of information is experience. Sometimes it is valid to try something different, to mix things up and test the playing field. But be sure that you are not simply refusing to admit that something tried and true actually works and brings results.
  3. Don’t listen to the voice of experience around you.
    Often, people hire experts and then refuse to listen to the advice they have to offer. This is the most confusing of behaviors. Questioning to understand makes sense, but questioning someone you have actually hired simply to refute his or her level of expertise on a subject is just strange behavior. In the end the choice is yours, but don’t go back and blame the expert’s advice that you refused to take.
  4. Pick one way to market yourself and stick to that one thing. Do nothing else.
    You simply cannot reach 100% of people, 100% of the time using the exact same media. Your marketing should be a healthy mix. You can use sound information and stats to target your message to your audience, but you can’t just assume one method will work all the time for all audiences.
  5. Don’t do any marketing at all.
    This is the BEST way to the worst marketing results ever. Refuse to market your business and sit and wait for people to magically show up at your door. There is zero support for this kind of marketing effort, but oddly, it seems to be a plan that many businesses have.

Haley Marketing is ready to help you avoid all of these marketing pitfalls. Give us a call today and you can be on your way to success in no time – if indeed that’s what you’re going for.

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