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Logo-design-UCS-Help-Us-Help-You-20141 With content available all over the Internet – and a lot of it for free – anyone can learn about any topic. That is a good thing and a bad thing. That knowledge can be very basic (and dangerous) if a person only reads a couple of articles. Or that knowledge can become very in depth if a person continuously reads blogs, listens to podcasts or watches training videos.

Working in the marketing industry, companies need to recognize that availability of knowledge is forcing changes in the process. Like this article by Jonathan Balck talks about, agencies need to accept disruptions from clients and even welcome the feedback by integrating it into the process.

When designing a website, creating graphics, laying out publications or any other creative process, people want to receive constant feedback. Getting back to clients in a few weeks with some ideas isn’t going to work. We live in a society that is fast-paced and continuously getting faster, so ignoring inquiries isn’t going to work.

The companies who embrace those disruptions and learn how to balance the feedback with their expertise will thrive. Yes, customers are more knowledgeable than they ever have been because of everything available on the Internet. So it would be short-sighted to put the blinders on, shut the doors, not be transparent and ignore their input.

However, marketing companies are in business for a reason (at least the good ones). Throughout the years, they have developed good processes, an expertise and a knowledge base that can only be developed through trial and error. Clients go to marketing companies (or any other consulting firms) for a reason – to utilize their knowledge for a positive return on their business.

So yes, the marketing process has changed from the days of Don Draper. Ignoring communication for weeks and coming back with an idea isn’t going to work. A collaborative effort will lead to the best result for all parties involved. Respecting each other’s opinions and finding a balance produces high-quality work that both you and the Haley Marketing Group takes pride in.

Help by telling us what you want and get out of our way.

(Let’s try this again).

Help by telling us what you want. We’ll work with you throughout the process and create a product that delivers a WOW!

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