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[Spoiler Alert] Facebook Is Tracking Your Actions on Video Posts

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Facebook Is Tracking Your Actions on Video Posts | Haley Marketing Group

“There are many times people don’t want to like, comment on, or share a post, but this does not mean it wasn’t meaningful to them…We have learned that certain actions people take on a video, such as choosing to turn on sound or making the video fullscreen, are good signs they wanted to see that video, even if they didn’t want to like it. Today, we want to share an update to News Feed ranking that takes into account these actions to help people see more of the videos they care about and fewer of the videos they don’t.” – 
Facebook Newsroom

Another Update to Facebook’s News Feed

If there is one thing that I can say with absolute certainty, it is that Facebook changes its newsfeed algorithm…a lot.

In a constant effort to show users stories that matter to them, the team at Facebook does a great job of continuing to look outside of the box and question how they can bring the best updates to your newsfeed.

From a user standpoint and from a social media advisor standpoint, I know that likes are hard to come by these days. The fact that Facebook is looking into signals such as whether or not a viewer activated video sound, made a video full screen, or other in video cues that signal a positive user experience, is reassuring to me.

Staffing Industry Implications

While the sole purpose of this post was to inform you of the recent update, I wanted to briefly touch on what this means for you, the recruiter or owner of a staffing firm across the United States.

Put simply, video is becoming king on Facebook. If your firm isn’t actively engaging with your audience through video on Facebook, I have to admit that you are missing out on a huge opportunity to cut through the cluttered newsfeed and position your firm as a thought leader on given topics. 

Where Do I Start? What Videos Should I Post on Facebook?

For more information on sharing video on Facebook, browse the following resource. Is your firm already actively sharing video? Leave a comment below and share your strategy! What types of video are working well for you? What videos are you finding get the most engagement?

7 Videos You Can Film on an iPhone
and Share on Your Company Social Media Pages

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