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Email Newsletter Best Practices for Staffing and Recruiting Firms

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So you’re thinking of starting a company newsletter – or maybe you currently have one. Great! You’re already on board with the preferred channel of communication for most business professionals. You know that getting in someone’s inbox is the key to getting in front of their face, since most people are glued to their computer or phone screens all day.

The only problem is, well, how do you get their attention once they open your email?

Follow these best practices for creating an engaging email newsletter that gets results.

1. Define Your Goals – What is this newsletter’s purpose?

You can’t figure out how to create a newsletter that works, if you don’t know what it’s working for. Are you trying to get job seekers to find your job board? Are you showcasing top candidates to potential clients? Are you just dropping a line to stay top-of-mind with prospects? All three of these situations have distinctly different goals, and their corresponding newsletters should all be different.

2. Create Your List – Who will be receiving your newsletter?

Once you know what your newsletter is for, you can figure out whom to send it to. Should it go to clients, candidates, or both? Does it have content that will be interesting to candidates, like current open positions and interviewing best practices, or does it focus on HR policies and ACA compliance – topics that would be more relevant to a hiring manager? You’re not going to captivate an audience with content they don’t care about.

3. Add Visual Appeal – Create something your audience will WANT to open.

Nothing could be more stale than a white background with black text – even if you try to entice readers with a bright blue hyperlink. Add basic visual elements like your company logo, colors, a background, and even images that correspond with the information you are sending. These visual cues will be much more likely to engage readers, and even drive them to do something with the content you are sending.

4. Write Valuable Content – Send something that matters to your audience.

You can send an email newsletter for many reasons, but whatever your end goal is, the content must have some value to your audience. If your main purpose is sending out a newsletter is to say “HEY, LOOK AT US!” then you’re missing the point which is saying, “Look what we can do, and how it can solve a problem for you!” Whether it’s tips, best practices, industry-relevant content, or any other form of content, it must matter to your audience. 

5. Use Calls to Action – Make it easy for readers to take the next step.

Go back to step one and remember what your goals are. Then implement easy ways for your readers to complete these goals. Do you want to direct readers to a specific page on your site? Put a link to that page on your newsletter. Want a candidate to submit their resume? Add a one-click button that directs them to an email they can send a resume to. In email newsletters, as it is in most situations, the KISS method is the best method.

Want to see how Haley Marketing can create an email newsletter that suits all of your needs? Click here to contact us today!

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