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Shocking News: Staffing clients are people, too!

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People like to put on their best business faces dealing with potential staffing clients and customers. They put on their best-pressed clothes, use as many $5 words as they can afford, and plaster a big ol’ smile across their faces. The only problem with that is, well, nobody is really like that.

Clients, customers and candidates MAY actually react better to… wait for it… actual human beings.

I know, we’re as shocked as you are, but consider this: Would you rather receive a copy-and-paste email telling you how great a staffing firm is and how many companies they’ve worked with, or would you prefer an email inquiring about your individual concerns and explaining how they can address them for you? Or even beyond that, how about an email reminding you to spring your clocks forward during daylight saving time, that has no actual sales pitch or expected reciprocation?

More often than not, the latter works better than the former. People like companies who treat them like people, not potential sales – or even worse, bags of cash.

Need proof?

Recently, a Haley Marketing client decided to run a social media contest. This client had nothing to do with the staffing industry, but instead posed a fun challenge to Facebook followers and friends. The result?
The post was shared 17 times
It had 54 likes
It received 128 comments
And a company that usually reaches around 100 people per post, reached 7,692 Facebook users with a single post.

People liked, commented and shared because they were interested in what the business was doing, and in return, the business gained a huge amount of exposure in their target market.

Need more proof?

Let’s use the daylight saving example. A HaleyMail client who sent the “Spring Forward” daylight saving instant mail received two immediate inquiries into their available temps. Not because they “sold” themselves to a client, but because they were timely, helpful, and engaging with clients – and because they weren’t afraid to treat clients and prospects as humans!

If you want help creating a marketing program that positions your staff and company as real humans – instead of sales robots – contact the marketing industry experts at Haley Marketing Group today.

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