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Many Thanks

2015 has been an incredible year for Haley Marketing, and to say I am thankful is putting it mildly. So given the day, I thought it would make sense to take a little time out to recognize a few of the people to whom I owe so much.

Thank you to…

    1. Our wonderful clients. Without you, Haley Marketing wouldn’t exist. We are privileged to be a partner in your success. We love collaborating with you, brainstorming creative ways to market, and helping you to achieve your goals.
    2. Our challenging clients. While we don’t always like the input we hear (and sometimes we grumble when you’re not around), you help us to improve. You push us to our limits; you force us to be more innovative; and you make us constantly demand the best results from everyone on our team. You keep us humble and remind us we can always do better.
    3. Our vendor partners. Without you, we couldn’t deliver the products and services we provide. From our print vendors to the firms that provide our professional services to the many, many technology firms that deliver essential tools and infrastructure support, thank you for helping our company run efficiently and effectively.
    4. Our industry partners. A BIG thank you to all the ATS companies that have worked with us to develop integration partnerships with our job board software. We love working with you to deliver the best possible joint solutions to our mutual clients. And another big thank you to the consultants, trainers, funding companies, insurance firms and other staffing industry partners who refer clients to us…and provide essential services that support the growth of the staffing industry.
    5. The awesome folks at the American Staffing Association and Staffing Industry Analysts. Your leadership, research, advocacy, ethics and commitment to the industry have helped the staffing business to become more sophisticated, more professional, and more accepted. You’ve done so much to protect us from our industry’s antagonists, and you’ve helped the entire industry to prosper. Thank you!
    6. The amazing people who are part of the Haley Marketing team. I am so lucky to be surrounded by smart, talented, dedicated people each and every day. Here, a few specific thank you’s are in order:
      • Thank you to our dedicated Support Team who answer questions day and night, provide response times that blow away industry averages, and do an amazing job helping fulfill our promise of delivering “shareworthy” service.
      • Thank you to our Marketing Advisors and Social Media Marketing Advisors who are on the front lines helping our clients to achieve the best return on their content, email and social marketing efforts. I’m constantly amazed by the creative and innovative ideas you bring to our clients and how you live our mission to make “world-class marketing more affordable.”
      • Thank you to our Creative Team for designing awesome, award-winning work (55 VOICE awards and counting!), understanding how to deliver an incredible result (even when constrained by a tight budget), and constantly working to make our products and services not only look great, and perform great, but also deliver exceptional results.
      • Thank you to our Project Managers for your patience, persistence, organizational talents, and “smarts” to keep all our projects advancing. Juggling 40 or more projects at a time is an immense challenge…doing this while making every client feel special is a virtual impossibility. Yet somehow each of you manage to do this, every month!
      • Thank you to our Admin Staff for not only supporting everyone internally, but also for bringing such a positive attitude to every interaction you have with our clients. From answering the phones to making collection calls, you make every interaction with Haley Marketing a more positive experience.
      • Thank you to our writers and content developers for constantly finding creative and innovative ways to write about staffing, for helping each of our clients to craft a unique message, and for keeping on top of the issues and interests of our clients’ clients, so that we continue to produce engaging, powerful and effective content.
      • Thank you to our Sales Team. To say you crushed your goals this year is an understatement. But more importantly, you act as true consultants—recommending intelligent solutions that fit the specific needs and resources of each of our clients.
      • Thank you to our Technical Team for literally keeping us running. I have no idea how you manage our internal network, web infrastructure and all our support systems—while still developing new products. Given all you do, you’d think we have a team that’s three or four times bigger than we really do!
    7. My COO, Business Partner…and best friend. As many of you know, Haley Marketing is a family business, and while I spend most of my time consulting with our clients and working on our marketing efforts, my wife, Victoria, is our COO. Without her 24/7 work behind the scenes, we would never have gotten to where we are today. You’ve made an amazing impact on Haley Marketing, improving the efficiency of all our processes, taking our service to a whole new level, and somehow managing our Project Managers, technology, support and creative teams.
    8. My family. Thank you to my Mom and Dad for the financial support and business insight you offered 19 years ago when we started Haley Marketing–and your continued “cheerleading” for us today. And thank you to my kids for putting up with a Dad who is always thinking about work, answering emails at odd hours, and more than a little overly obsessed with making his “4th kid” a success.

And thank you to you for reading this!

As I stated at the beginning, I have a LOT to be thankful for. I am incredibly appreciative of all the people around me who have helped Haley Marketing to grow from a fledgling “relationship marketing firm” in 1996 to a global leader in marketing for the staffing industry.

As some of you recall, we started by mailing green envelopes filled with educational articles. Today, we try to set the standard in education with our Idea Club newsletter, Ask Haley Q&A emails, eBooks, How-to articles, blog posts and our Lunch with Haley webinars. But without people like you, people who read our content and attend our webinars, none of it would have mattered.

So, thank you for reading this.


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