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What is the Best Marketing Mix of Print Collateral for Your Staffing Company?

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Haley Marketing Group encourages our clients to maintain a mix of both digital and print marketing solutions. Believe it or not, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. There are many variables to consider, such as:

Who are you trying to reach?

Decide if you need to reach candidates or clients. If you are trying to reach candidates, first think about the way your particular market segment communicates. Is it best to communicate with them digitally or would reaching them with print cause enough of a disruption in their day to gain their attention? What format might best accomplish that? How many, and what type of candidates do you need to reach?

If you are trying to reach clients, decide what might be the most effective form of communication to use. In some cases, electronic communication might be the best approach; in other cases a high-touch print campaign may bring the best results. Some factors to consider include have you done business with the people you are trying to reach already, or are you a new face to those you are trying to reach? What information do they need to make a decision to work with you? Are you attempting to reach a decision maker?

What information are you trying to communicate?

Examine how your prospective candidate or client might best receive the information you are trying to reach them with. If it is electronic, what form of electronic communication is best – examples might be a text-based email or an email with an infographic or video. How can you best gain their attention in a creative way that helps set you apart from your competitors?

As you can see, there are many considerations. Remember, the best course of action is to FIRST develop a solid marketing strategy and assure that you are using the best method for the audience you are trying to reach. Allow yourself to be creative and do something unique that speaks to who you are. That is what will bring the best results.

In the news…

ASA just released their list of the hardest to fill occupations in the U.S. for 2015. How are you planning to reach these candidates?

Contact Haley Marketing Group today to develop a strategy that works for you. We have a talented team of experts who can help you decide the best mechanisms to use for those you want to reach, in a streamlined targeted manner.

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