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4 Ways to Reach Active and Passive Job Seekers and Gather More Applications

How to get More Applications | Haley Marketing Group
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How to get More Applications | Haley Marketing Group


Speaking with dozens of staffing firms across the country, a shortage in qualified talent continues to remain one of the top hiring challenges.

2015 Recruiting Survey results from Glassdoor agree saying, “Nearly half (48 percent) of the participating hiring decision-makers say they don’t see enough qualified candidates for open positions – and a quarter (26 percent) see the situation getting harder in the next 12 months as the U.S. economy picks up.”

So what can staffing firms do to get on the other side of this challenge? To go from a talent shortage..to a talent surplus?

4 Ways to Gather More Applications Through Digital Marketing

Share Jobs that Look Amazing on Social Media

Social media is becoming increasingly cluttered by the minute. To cut through this clutter you need to not only share great resources, but you also need to make sure they look amazing.

Go to one of your current job listings, copy the URL and share it on Facebook. With as unbiased of an opinion as possible, if you were an active job seeker scrolling through Facebook would that post be enticing enough for you to click?

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Your job opportunities shouldn’t look boring!!

Include witty, engaging copy that drives the end user to click and learn more. Most importantly, include a great Now Hiring visual that helps cut through the cluttered Facebook newsfeed and position your company as an elite provider of available jobs in your specific market.

Send Out a Top Jobs Newsletter

If you have been sleeping on email marketing, putting it off because “People don’t read email anymore”, make 2016 to year to change that mentality.

People do read email and we have the statistics to support that.

Earlier this month, a staffing firm in New Jersey sent their best available opportunities to their candidate mailing list.

34% of the list opened the mailing (an outstanding number in terms of email marketing for the staffing and recruiting industry). More importantly over 700 active and passive job seekers took the next step and clicked on an available job opportunity within the newsletter.

That’s over 700 qualified leads because of 1 marketing initiative.

Use email marketing to your advantage and start driving qualified leads back to the jobs listed on your website.

Include a Call to Action to View Available Positions within Your Email Signature

On a given day how many emails are you sending out? Now multiply this number by every recruiter within your office.

Your email signature is a free billboard that you can use to promote any of your top available opportunities.

I encourage you to set up a new email signature and include some copy that drives email recipients back to your jobs.

Brad Bialy
Staffing Firm ABC
Sick of your job? We have plenty of opportunities to help you advance your career. Apply Online Today

As a bonus tip, when linking back to your job listings, use a link shortening tool such as bit.ly or goo.gl so that you can track the number of times the link is clicked throughout the campaign.

Have a Plan and Do Everything Strategically

Most importantly, whatever you decide to do in 2016 to drive more applications, do it strategically.

Don’t go all in on 4 or 5 campaigns if you know that realistically your team can truly only manage 1.

Be successful with the campaigns that you decide to implement instead of being somewhat successful at a few campaigns.

How Can Haley Marketing Group Help?

Focus on your core daily responsibilities and trust the experts with your marketing.

For 20 years Haley Marketing Group has worked to develop and implement award winning marketing solutions specifically for the staffing industry.

If you are looking to go all in on Social Media in 2016, contact our team of social media advisors and learn about Social Pro and how one client received 850 qualified leads in 2015 because of social media marketing.

If you are looking to develop and execute an exceptional email marketing campaign that includes monthly mailing of top jobs to your candidate mailing list, contact our team of experts and let us help you gather more applications.

Let us manage your social media! MORE INFO

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