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Social Pro Case Study: Driving It Back to the Website

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With all of the resources and investment to social media marketing, you might be asking yourself, “What does this do for my company at the end of the day?” It’s great to see more likes on the Facebook page, followers on the Twitter profile and connections on LinkedIn, but those become more valuable when they go back to the website and convert!

In our last look at the case study for 365 Healthcare Staffing, we see how all of that social media growth has had a great impact on the company website and spurred traffic to reaching the right pages.

Website Traffic BonusStat_SocialMediaTraffic

We post content across social media to reach targeted audiences and develop a relationship through consistent content marketing. The end goal is to get those social media users back to the 365 Healthcare Staffing website, have them engage with the recently redesigned website and eventually become an inbound lead for the staffing firm.

Paying minimal attention to social media will result in a handful of monthly leads. Just having company pages leads to users stumbling across the page on sheer randomness. But a dedication to social media will have positive results and make an investment worthwhile.

At the start of the program, 365 Healthcare Staffing was getting 11 users per month to reach their website through its social media outlets. By the end of 2015, that number was nearly 300 sessions (291 to be exact).

Is It Going to the Right Place? Graph_SocialMediaTraffic

The first step in data analysis was to find out the basics, number of sessions coming from social media and which outlet specifically.

Now that we know more, businesses want to know where that traffic is going. If they are investing money in marketing, companies want to make sure the ROI is there.

Let’s look at the past four months for 365 Healthcare Staffing, which is directly in line with the launch of their new website. During that time, 365 Healthcare Staffing has seen 1,138 website sessions originate from social media.

Let’s go further in-depth:

  • For traffic to the Contact Us page, 11.8 percent came from social media traffic. That traffic wouldn’t be going to the Contact Us page without social media marketing.
  • On the Job Seekers page, 3.5 percent came from social media. Nearly 60 percent of the traffic to this page came from search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing), which a company blog really impacts and 365 Healthcare Staffing has a great blog that forms as the foundation of its content marketing program.

We can look at pages all day long, but to put it simply – social media traffic accounted for 18 percent of 365 Healthcare Staffing’s website traffic during the past four months. That’s more than 1,000 sessions the company wouldn’t have gotten without its investment in social media marketing.

The ROI on its investment looks pretty good.

Learn more about the Social Pro program or contact our great team today.

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