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How Too Much Promotion Can Hurt Your Staffing Firm

Too Much Promotion
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You have a great job you think will be an awesome opportunity and you want to promote it all over your social channels. You post … and you wait … and nothing happens. No likes, no shares, no comments. How can this be? This job should sell itself! Maybe you’re being too promotional on your social channels, so much so that readers have become disengaged. It’s a common mistake that staffing firms make, but it’s easy to fix. Most staffing firms miss a big opportunity to actively participate with potential clients and candidates on social media because of the following factors:

Unintentional Ignorance

The majority of comments and questions received on social media platforms go unanswered altogether, while the rest don’t receive an answer until twelve hours later. People want acknowledgement that their voices are being heard; and if they don’t receive it, they won’t come back.

Putting Promotions Over Customer Service

Rather than finding meaningful answers to questions received on social platforms, staffing firms focus too much on saturating their feeds with more advertisements that feel impersonal. Just as much time and effort should be targeted toward crafting helpful solutions as announcing your next job fair.

Focusing on the Wrong Platform

A staffing firm may get three times as many comments on Facebook as they do on Twitter, for example, but they would rather tweet than reply on Facebook. It’s easy to ignore one influential platform when your personal preference is another; however, that alienates a large portion of your audience. Don’t ignore platforms you may not be familiar with – if your company has an Instagram account but you’ve never used it, assign someone to monitor that account so comments won’t slip through the cracks.

Of course it’s important to promote on social, but staffing firms must learn how to do it the right way. One study found that people are seven times more likely to react to a brand’s promotions after that brand has interacted with them in worthwhile way. Instead of waiting to respond to a social comment until later in the day, address it as soon as you receive it. Perhaps this job search candidate can’t find your job board on your website. Provide detailed instructions to this person on where to find it and how to apply. This may save additional questions in the future from other candidates who will read the answer as well. When your firm builds relationships with potential clients and candidates, they are more likely to be loyal to your brand because they trust that you have their best interests in mind.

For more tips on building your staffing firm’s brand on social media, contact one of our social media experts at [email protected]. We’re up-to-date on the latest social trends in staffing and beyond to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

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