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Integra – Driving New Opportunities, Growing New Revenues

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Integra specializes in the lost art of business development. In our current fast-paced world, where a deadline of “tomorrow” is not soon enough, they are able to rapidly identify, contact, and dialogue with the individuals most responsible for making decisions in all areas of information technology. They consider themselves “hunters”…but patient hunters. They enjoy the human side of business development and the satisfaction that comes from conversing with future customers. These conversations are the result of their resiliency over the phone, as well as the methodology they employ with new prospects. Together, they combine to produce a dialogue of depth with a qualified prospect: The right decision maker at an opportune time with an approved budget that is in need of the specific service.

Integra’s vision is to be a sales advisory firm that embodies excellence, dedication, character, creativity, and integrity. Their mission is to assist their clients in growing revenues and expanding their customer base by providing value-added consulting services. They accomplish this by providing high-quality demand generation, pipeline creation, sales forecasting, market intelligence, prospect development, sales training, and corporate consulting. Their growth and success are intertwined and interdependent upon the growth and success of their clients.

Learn more at www.integrasells.com.

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