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“I Want My Team to Use Social Media.”

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So you know the importance of social media for your business, and you’re working on building your presence. But you know you can amplify your efforts if your entire team gets involved. So, what should they do?

Here are a few simple ways your team can effectively spend their time on social media:


Your team should be following your Facebook page and interact with all of the content being shared on the page. Liking, commenting and resharing the content to their personal profiles will all help to boost your content and help you get more followers and engagement.


Each tweet shared on Twitter can be favorited or reshared by your team. This helps increase the reach of the content, driving users back to your Twitter profile and also to your website.


Sharing your content on Google+ may not seem like the most valuable use of time, but if your team engages with each post by clicking the “+1” button on each piece of content, this is an indicator to Google that can help to boost your ranking.


Your team can quickly like, comment and reshare all posts on the company LinkedIn page as well. Beyond this, your team should take some time to join groups, share content in those groups, and interact with other content shared in these groups to help build recognition.

Want to learn more about how your company can use social media? Check out this in-depth look at how to use social media for your staffing and recruiting needs.

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