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Double Your Web Traffic and Inbound Leads (part 2): Optimize Your Site to Maximize Conversion

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Want more employers to contact you? Need to get more qualified candidates to register?

It’s not hard if you have a plan – and that’s exactly what you’ll find below. Today, I’m publishing the second in a series of blog posts packed with practical tips to help you dramatically increase your website traffic and inbound leads.

If you missed the first installment, you can read it here:

Step 1: Give People a Reason to Visit Your Staffing Website

Step 2: Optimize your site to maximize conversion.

A great staffing website is designed to get people to take action. Every page has a purpose, and it offers one or more ways for people to respond.

Ideally, your website will get job seekers to apply to jobs and employers to request information about your services. But these aren’t the only kinds of actions people can take. Your website could also encourage people to:

  • Download an article or eBook
  • Watch an on-demand webinar
  • Request a consultation or resume critique
  • Sign up for job alerts
  • Sign up for a newsletter (or other publication)
  • Request more information about a top candidate
  • Find their nearest local office
  • Chat with you
  • Call now

Those last two ideas are particularly important for mobile site visitors. On mobile, people tend to prefer calling or texting over filling out a form. So if you want to maximize conversion, make it easy for people to connect with you…the way they want to connect.

Offering a variety of ways to respond is important. Driving people to those conversion pages is just as important. The best staffing websites have calls to action on every web page, and they use a variety of formats for those calls to action.

Need Help with Optimizing Your Site to Increase Conversions?

Well, that’s why we are here! From web design to content development, social marketing, SEO, PPC, email and just about any other marketing a staffing firm needs, we’re here for you.

Up Next: Get People to Your Site

Your website isn’t a “Field of Dreams.” If you want more people to visit, you have to promote your content Don’t want to wait for the post to publish? Access the full Idea Club article “How to Double Your Website Traffic (and Inbound Leads)” here.


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