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This Recruiting Firm’s Traffic from Social Media Increased 887% – What’s Their Secret?

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Website traffic from LinkedIn up 246.8%.

Web traffic from Facebook up 4,950%.

Overall traffic from social media up 887%.

Our client achieved these massive social media gains in less than one year.

What’s their secret?

They became more strategic, intentional and consistent in the way they used social media – with a little help from the Haley Marketing team. Here’s their amazing success story:

Client Background:

SMR Group Ltd is a hiring client-centric search and recruitment consulting firm. Based in New Jersey, they fill sales & marketing roles nationwide for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical clients.

The Challenge:

Like many recruitment firms, SMR Group Ltd already had a social media presence – but didn’t have the time to develop and execute a comprehensive strategy. Since SMR Group Ltd was an existing client, we were already familiar with their organization’s services, brand and niche. So, we recommended Social Pro as a time- and cost-effective solution.


We started by discussing their needs and defining goals for their program, which included:

  • increasing their social following;
  • driving more traffic from social media platforms to their website; and
  • strengthening their online branding.

With those goals in mind, we created an overall social media strategy, and then broke it down into specific tactics for each platform. Here are just a few of the action steps we took:

  1. Since SMR Group Ltd already had a great library of content from their blogging program, we created a plan to leverage their posts across multiple platforms.
  2. We designed custom images to promote blog posts, and then shared those images consistently on social media profiles.
  3. Using their president’s LinkedIn account, we shared custom images and blog content in groups, as posts and as updates.
  4. Finally, we ran a paid Like campaign on Facebook to help the firm grow their audience on this platform.

The Results:

The numbers speak for themselves!

Overall social traffic has climbed dramatically.

  • We began the social sharing program in May 2016. When comparing social traffic to the website in January 2017 to May 2016, traffic has increased 274.1% (808 visits vs. 216 visits).
  • Between May 2016 and February 2017, social traffic was the second biggest driver of traffic, accounting for 15.8% of the traffic to the client’s website (4,801 of 30,333 total visits).

LinkedIn and Facebook are driving the most traffic to their website.  Since we began the social program:

  • LinkedIn has driven 4,060 sessions to their website.
  • Facebook has driven 709 sessions to their website.
  • LinkedIn visits to their website have increased 246.8 percent.
  • Facebook visits to their website have increased 4,950 percent.

Social followers have grown exponentially. When comparing followers on their social media pages in January 2017 vs. May 2016:

  • Twitter has increased 785 percent (62 vs. 7).
  • Facebook has increased 3,036.8 percent (596 vs. 16).
  • LinkedIn has increased 64.6 percent (5,329 vs. 3241).

In our client’s words:

“The Digital Dominance program has really helped our organization. With all of the great content we’re sharing on social and on the site, return visits were up 227.06% now.  There is a reason for people to reengage with SMR Group Ltd!”
–Rick Snowden, President, SMR Group Ltd

Want to supercharge your results from social media?

Give Social Pro a try. You’ll build a loyal following. Convert more prospects to clients. Get more qualified candidates to apply to your jobs. Get an estimate or talk to one of our Marketing Educators today.

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