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Build Your Nurture Marketing Program in 3 Steps (part 2 of 3)

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Staffing is rarely a one-call close. It takes several touches across multiple channels of communication before a great prospect turns into a great client.

Thankfully, nurture marketing can help ensure your firm is always in the “right place” (i.e., the top of your client’s mind), so that when they have a need, yours is the first company they think of.

How can you create a successful nurture marketing program?

Glad you asked! Today, I’m publishing the second in a series of blog posts packed with practical tips to help you become an expert in nurture marketing. If you missed the first installment, you can read it here:

The Secret to Staying Top-of-Mind: Nurture Marketing

Below, I explain three steps to building a nurture marketing program that strengthens your brand, positions you as a trusted advisor and keeps your staffing firm top-of-mind:

Step 1 – Identify your ideal prospects.

“An actor is only as good as the words on the script.”  And a marketing tactic is only as good as the prospect list.

 You need to identify who will be on your marketing list. For starters, include all of your current clients.  Why? Because even though they are a client, you still need to remind them they made the right decision to go with your firm. So make sure any nurture marketing list includes all of your current clients.

Next, add your ideal prospects. Be smart about this. I know most staffing executives act like every business in town is a prospect. But are they really?

Think about the specific types of companies  that are your best clients. What industries are they in? What geographic regions? What size? Who are the decision makers at those companies? And what is their attitude toward staffing?

The more you can focus your target market, the easier it will be to own your area of expertise. Which brings us to Step 2…

Step 2 – Define your expertise…something you can own

Your first instinct might be to say “Well, our expertise is in everything!” Or at least, everything related to staffing. But you can’t be everything to everyone. When it comes to selling, it’s better to be the big fish (or the top expert) in a small pond, than another minnow in the ocean.

So where should you focus? Start by asking yourself, “What types of problems or issues does your firm solve for your clients?” You might also ask “What’s keeping my clients up at night?”

And be sure to think beyond staffing. Most executives outside the staffing industry, even those in HR, only spend a small percentage of their time focused on staffing issues.

If you want to stand out as a nurture marketer, you’re going to need to be known as an expert in something beyond staffing issues. In fact, and I know you might not want to hear this but, we have found that staffing-related content is some of the least opened and clicked on content that our clients share.

Maybe you want to be experts in employment law…or helping clients become an employer of choice… or workplace productivity. Whatever it is you decide on (and it can be more than one thing), just make sure it is something that helps alleviate your clients’ and prospects’ pain points.

Step 3 – Nurture, regularly.

Now this is probably where some of you start getting nervous. In fact, if you weren’t questioning your ability to execute a nurture marketing campaign, you probably would have stopped reading a long time ago.

I assure you, you can do it. And in my next post, I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to execute like a pro.

Up Next: Executing a Successful Nurture Marketing Program

In my final post in this series, I will explain the components of a nurture marketing program, as well as the keys to making your efforts a success. Don’t want to wait for the post to publish? Access the full Idea Club article, “Nurture Marketing – The Secret to Staying Top-of-Mind” here.

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