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The Secret to Staying Top of Mind: Nurture Marketing (part 1 of 3)

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When was the last time someone answered your call with, “Yes absolutely, I will buy your staffing services!” without even hearing your pitch?

I’m willing to guess your answer was, “never.”

We all know that staffing is rarely a one-call close. It takes several touches across multiple channels of communication before a great prospect turns into a great client.

In staffing, the sale often goes to the company that was in the right place at the right time. Now we’re not suggesting you camp out in front of your prospects’ offices (although we have heard of stranger sales tactics), but there are things you can do to help ensure your firm is always in the “right place” … aka the top of your client’s mind.

So today, I’m publishing the first in a series of blog posts packed with practical tips to help you strengthen positioning. Deliver more value. Become a trusted advisor. And stay top-of-mind with employers, so you’re ultimately in the right place at the right time.

The Challenge:

I want you to do some quick math for me. Don’t worry; it’s not complex. Just simple addition and division.

First, estimate how many clients and prospects you have. Is it 100? 500? 1,000? 10,000? If you’re like most staffing firms, that number is probably between 500 and 1,000.

Next, think about how long it would take you to personally contact each and every one of your clients and prospects. Let’s say you could contact 15 people per day. At 500 contacts, it would take you 34 days!  At 1,000 contacts…67 days!

But who really talks to 15 contacts a day? More likely, you connect with two, three, maybe even as many as five people per day. At that pace, reaching your list just one time will take more than 100 days!

Not to mention you still have to fill job orders, contact candidates, perform background and reference checks, and put out about three fires per day. Oh and your daughter just called, band practice is cancelled so you need to leave early to pick her up.

Going back to where we started, how many of your daily contacts turn into sales?

I think you get my point. To effectively sell in the staffing industry, you have to stay top-of-mind. That means regularly contacting every client and prospect on a consistent basis, and to do this, you’re going to need some help!

The Solution:

Don’t panic! There is a fairly simple solution.  It’s called Nurture Marketing.

Nurture marketing is the art of staying top-of-mind, building credibility, strengthening your positioning in a way that the client never feels like you’re selling to them. Through regular communication, you add value, position yourself as an expert, differentiate your services, and make people want to do business with your company.

Nurture marketing is about nurturing relationships.  It’s a process to keep yourself top-of-mind between sales calls, and a technique that will make your sales calls more productive.

Nurture marketing guru Jim Cecil likes to compare nurture marketing to farming. As a farmer, you have to get the most from your land. The greatest bounty comes from the nutrients you sow into the land.

As a nurture marketer, you want to get the maximum result (sales and job candidates) from relationships you build. And like a farmer gives nutrients to his crops, you want to share your nutrients (advice, expertise) with the people you want to influence.

Learn more about the staffing industry’s ONLY nurture marketing solution.

Nurture marketing turns cold prospects into warm leads.

Through regular contact, sharing high-value, educational information, and appropriate personal follow-up by phone, email and when appropriate, in person, you keep your company in front of every client, every prospect and even the candidates you want to attract.

Nurture marketing is about:

  • Clearly defining how you want to be seen (Your Unique Selling Proposition);
  • Positioning yourself as an expert and a problem solver; and
  • Regular communication with your target prospects, current clients and candidates.

But who has the time for it?

You’re probably screaming at your computer “Didn’t I just tell you I don’t have time to nurture all my clients and prospects?!”  (Okay, maybe screaming is a little too strong). Well, you’ll see it doesn’t take as much time as you might think to stay in touch…

Up Next: How to Build Your Nurture Marketing Program

In my next post, I will show you how  to stay top-of-mind with your clients and prospects with just a little bit of work up front and a small investment of time and money each month. Don’t want to wait for the post to publish? Access the full Idea Club article, “Nurture Marketing – The Secret to Staying Top-of-Mind” here.

Want an all-in-one nurture marketing program for your staffing or recruiting firm?

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