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Wake up the Dogs: 4 Reasons to Be Proactive about Contacting Staffing Customers

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Whoever said: “let sleeping dogs lie” knew very little about delivering amazing customer service. Sleeping dogs (i.e., your customers) may be quiet, but that doesn’t mean they’re thrilled with your staffing firm – or even satisfied!

Unhappy customers may never say a word to you because they:

  • find confrontation stressful;
  • worry that complaining will make them look bad;
  • blame themselves for customer service issues.

Instead, they may remain as silent as a sleeping dog – and simply take their business elsewhere.

So wake up those dogs!

To make sure you’re consistently delighting your clients and candidates, you need to be vigilant. And proactive. Here’s why:

  • It shows customers that you care about them. Checking in to see how things are going – even if a client has no open job orders with you – sends a clear message that they truly matter to your staffing firm.
  • It’s smart business. In addition to discovering small (but festering) problems, a check-in also provides an opportunity to learn more about what’s going on in the customer’s organization. In the process, you may uncover upcoming staffing needs you wouldn’t otherwise have identified.
  • It’s easier to deal with mole hills. It’s much simpler and quicker to resolve small issues before they mushroom into big problems. And the easier an issue is to resolve, the less likely it is to damage your business relationship. But unless you’re actively checking in with customers, you might not hear from one until a mole hill has become a mountain.
  • It creates a cycle of positive communication. Most of the time you reach out to customers you won’t uncover a problem – you’ll simply have a positive, rewarding interaction with your client. Or, your customer will simply be too busy to speak with you. Regardless, if a small problem does crop up somewhere down the line, they’ll remember that you checked in. They’ll realize that you really do want to hear about service issues. And they’ll be much more likely to speak up (which will give you a shot at retaining their business).

Make it easy for customers to complain.

Actively solicit feedback on your service and placements. Check in with clients, even when they don’t have active job orders with you. Most importantly, never assume that, because you haven’t heard about problems, everything is fine.  Do these things and you’ll have ample opportunities to turn disgruntled (if silent) customers into your biggest fans – and ultimately retain their business.

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