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Things That Make Your Website Go “PING”!

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In Monty Python’s “Meaning of Life”, there is a line, “Ah, I see you have the machine that goes Ping!!!!” It’s a classic line for anyone who has seen the movie, but I’m sure you’re wondering what on earth does that have to do with a new website.

As a project manager, before I kickoff a new website project, I review my client’s current website and then I compare it to the new project and the features that have been purchased. Then the one question I want to discuss is where do you want your business to go over the next few years? Typically, the initial reasons are that one has either outgrown the current site, or the business has changed in some manner – either in service offerings or focus of business in some way.

As your project manager, I want to examine what your goals are and how the new website needs to reflect this in both functionality and design to drive home the ROI you need from the website project.

There are several things our team will want to know – so we ask a LOT of questions. Here why we ask those questions.

First, know that we want to make sure you stand out in the crowd. To do so, we need to be clear about your differentiation/market positioning. A lot of our questions are geared to revealing your value proposition.

Once we know that, we can really move forward – full steam ahead. We will then look to make sure we are clear in communicating your goals with fantastic keyword research. (Our SEO team’s ability to talk to robots is incredible!) Our team also carries that great research over into writing the best content for your website. Then it all comes together in the design for the site. Now this is where all the initial work comes into focus.

We are not only creating a great-looking website for you, we are also concerned with creating a functional website for you. We want the site to function in a way that creates clear paths for all visitors to your site. Clients and candidates should be clear about not only about what services you are offering, but also what you want them to do. Conversion is really what your website is about. It needs to deliver both clients and candidates into your lap.

Your website should have great sidebar information with clear calls-to-actions, your headlines should grab attention, AND most importantly, offer a means to track your conversions. And this is where the “PING!” comes in. You should begin to experience some “PINGS!” You should now be measuring the activity of visitors to your site. If you need any assistance reviewing the analytics on your site, Brad Smith, Director of SEO and Social Media, just did an excellent Lunch with Haley that explains that particular “PING!” machine. Check it out using one of the options below:

Lunch with Haley:

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