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Increase Conversions: Best Practices for Web Form Optimization

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The forms on your website can be a powerful tool to capture leads.

Here are some tips and best practices to consider to ensure your web forms are performing at their highest potential:

Keep it Short

Simply put, more fields = more abandonment. Keep your forms clear and concise, and only require information that is absolutely necessary.

If a lot of form fields are unavoidable, consider breaking them up into multi-page steps. Use smart forms that can show and hide fields based on a user’s response to other questions, so only the necessary fields are displayed.

Optimize for Mobile

Consider your form on a mobile device. Does it respond well? Are the forms and buttons large enough for a user to tap? Is the font large enough to read without zooming in? Are input types set correctly to bring up different keyboards, such as on “email” and “URL” fields? All of these elements can contribute to a user’s decision to fill out the form or leave.

Sometimes users simply don’t have the time to fill out a form on mobile. In that case, offer other ways to get in touch, such as a phone number or a “reminder me later” email option.

Provide Clear Value

By signing up for your newsletter, what will I get? If I refer a friend to this job, will I earn a bonus?

Users will fill out forms if they see a significant value, so make sure you’re describing what the user can expect in return. In one email opt-in example showcased on Behave.org, the overlay that provided a coupon code saw a 300% increase in sign-ups. View Case Study »

Use headlines and calls to action that highlight the value of completing your form, and make sure the language of the “submit” button reinforces the form’s purpose. For example, “Download My eBook”, “Save My Seat”, and “Sign Me Up!” are more enticing than “Submit”.

Promote the Form

Your form will do no good if users can’t get to it. Your forms should be easy to find and accessible from all appropriate pages on your website. Here’s a few ideas on how to promote your form:

  • Create a landing page around the form with a clear purpose that you can link to from multiple sources. Make sure the form is placed high on the page, and follows best practices.
  • Use a pop-up or fly-in overlay to grab the user’s attention. They work!
  • Keep the form accessible across the whole site. In one example from Behave.org, the email opt-in that remained persistent across the site saw a 24.16% increase in conversions. View Case Study »

Test and Iterate

Don’t be afraid to make changes to your forms to test what effects they have. Variations in copy, color, placement, and form fields can all change the quality and quantity of conversions. Experiment and analyze to find the sweet spot for your form.

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