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Bullet Journaling for Business

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If you haven’t yet heard of the bullet journaling trend, head on over to this website to see what all the fuss is about. As you can see Ryder Carroll keeps it pretty simple. If you’re curious about beautiful artistic bullet journals here are a few examples.


As you can see, the system is completely customizable.


You can use a bullet journal as mostly a to-do list to keep your day on track or use some basic art supplies to add a few moments of zen to your day.


Artsy bullet Journalers use washi tape, markers, water colors and fountain pens to create an aesthetically pleasing design.


I keep mine simple, although I have a few favorite pens and highlighters.


The features must-have features you don’t want to mess with are the index and collections. The index is just what it sounds like and is one of the major advantages of the bullet journaling system.


Number the pages as you go and note what is contained on each page in the index. That way, when you’re looking for client call notes, you don’t have to flip through the pages, you can just turn to the index.


The other key feature is the collection page.


On your daily pages, the idea is to capture information all in one place.  In the morning, or the night before, you’ll write down tasks and appointments. Throughout the day you’ll write notes about your day or things that arise (rapid logging).


For example, you might find a new podcast to listen to or book to read. You could get a lead on a great candidate or a marketing idea.


Rather than flipping through the book, putting it on a post it or worse, keeping multiple books, just note a reminder on today’s page.


When you review your day, transfer those notes to their individual collection pages, noting on the index where to find them.


All of your information is captured in one location.


I combine this with a calendar app for appointments and Evernote, (where I am writing this now) for maximum productivity.


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