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How NOT to Sell Staffing

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Staffing World 2017 – What Will We Present in Chicago?

Bet you can’t wait to hear what Haley Marketing Group has to say this year!

David Searns and Brad Smith will be presenting an information-packed session on:

 How NOT to Sell Staffing.

Wait. What? But how do I get business then?

David and Brad are going to talk about how you can sell more staffing services by not selling staffing services.

You may run the best staffing firm in the world. You may be able to find talent no one else can. Fill orders faster than the competition. And be more service-oriented. But if you start the sales process the wrong way, you still look just like everyone else.

Unless you want to compete on price, that’s no way to sell staffing.

So, what should you do? Join veteran staffing suppliers, David Searns and Brad Smith in this session and learn to how to modify your sales approach to get beyond the commodity trap. See how you can change your sales process to improve call-to-appointment metrics, reduce margin pressures, and position yourself as a trusted advisor.

And sell more staffing.

The workshop is scheduled for 2:30-3 p.m. Tuesday, October 24, but could run a little longer because you’re bound to have some great questions.

If you want to get a few insights before the presentation, schedule a meeting to chat with the team.

Can’t wait to see you in Chicago!

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