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Meet the Team at Staffing World: Brian Vaccaro

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Haley Marketing Group is gearing up to attend Staffing World in Chicago this October. This will be Brian Vaccaro’s first time, and he’s looking forward to engaging directly with so many of the clients he’s spoken to over the phone or via email.

If you’re a Staffing World veteran, please welcome Brian:

Brian Vaccaro, Marketing Consultant

Brian is looking forward to continuing his education in the world of staffing and recruitment. He specifically wants to learn firsthand the challenges our clients face daily so he can better understand the obstacles they face in achieving their goals.

Brian has great technical expertise in the products we use and offer at Haley Marketing Group, making him an invaluable resource in helping our clients find the perfect product (or combination of products) to achieve their goals – even if it’s not a Haley Marketing product!

Because of Brian’s love of technology, he’s most excited to learn what impact artificial intelligence (AI) will have on the staffing industry. He’s also interested in the rise of automation in staffing services.

“My goal, whether it was on the sales side or the support side of Haley Marketing,” said Brian, “is to help our clients achieve a higher level of success – whether that is in the products they’re using from us or overall marketing strategy. I can’t wait for Staffing World where I’ll get a chance to meet and learn quite a lot about the industry and the clients we dedicate our days to helping.”

This will be Brian’s first visit to Chicago. He’s hoping to find a slice of the legendary pizza that he’s heard so much about and see how it compares to Buffalo and NYC pizza. Brian is a huge hockey fan and like David Searns, plays the sport as well. “It would be great to see some hockey-related events/buildings while I’m there too. There is a home Blackhawks hockey game on Friday…”

Any interest in a speaking to Brian in Chicago? Schedule a meeting with Brian or any attending member of our team.

Don’t forget to stop by our booth to meet the team, and please attend How Not to Sell Staffing, presented by David Searns and Brad Smith.

See you there!

This year’s attendees include:

David Searns, CEO

Brad Smith, Director of SEO and Social Media

Brian Vaccaro, Marketing Consultant

Paula Pirrone Zeisz, Director of Marketing Education

Ryan Maher, Marketing Consultant

Cathy Lanski, Copywriter

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