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Meet the Team at Staffing World: Brad Smith

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Who’s going to Staffing World this year? The team at Haley Marketing Group is excited to attend again, no one more than Brad Smith, a huge fan of both Staffing World and the city of Chicago. It promises to be another rewarding year of client meetings, industry seminars and after-hours shenanigans.

Don’t forget to stop by our booth to meet the team, and please attend How Not to Sell Staffing, presented by David Searns and Brad Smith.

Get to know a bit about Brad Smith before you go:

Brad Smith, Director of SEO and Social Media

Brad has been to Staffing World 9 or 10 times. This will be his third trip to Chicago just this year! He loves the energy of the city, riding the “L” and walking around the Loop.

He is excited about the technological advancements in the industry. Brad anticipates that there will be a focus at Staffing World on ways to use technology to become more strategic and add value for end clients and candidates.

“I also think there will once again be a strong focus on recruiting,” Brad says. “With the industry facing a skills gap, low unemployment rates and a lot of open job orders, many people will be looking for ways to recruit more efficiently. Technology related to recruiting more effectively and efficiently is likely to be a big topic.”

It’s Brad’s belief that companies that get uncomfortable and test new strategies will be the ones that win the war on talent and propel our industry into a new frontier.

Brad is looking forward to the keynote sessions by Josh Linkner and Jonathan Mildenhall. He’s eager to find ways Haley Marketing Group can incorporate some of their disruptive technologies and ideas.

“I’m really looking forward to presenting this year with David,” Brad says. “We are conducting a pre-convention workshop about how NOT to sell staffing but instead become a trusted advisor. I’m excited to present ways that content and inbound marketing can be used to generate more inbound leads and make sales teams more effective!”

Brad’s Favorites

He loves sitting down and having great conversations with great people. He also loves attending all the sessions and workshops. Brad finds that it reenergizes his mind and reignites his passion for marketing and the staffing industry. It helps Brad to approach problems a bit differently. He always ends up taking away a ton of great lessons and ideas he can incorporate into future marketing recommendations.

Advice for Staffing World Attendees:

  • Plan your day out ahead of time
  • Go to as many sessions as you can
  • Get to sessions early to get a great seat
  • Take detailed notes and be an active participant
  • Talk with other attendees
  • Visit exhibitors and don’t be afraid to ask questions

Brad likes to make the most of every moment – even the plane ride home. He finds that his mind is fully engaged and packed with fresh ideas he can’t wait to get started on. “That’s usually when I think about the next big product or idea that is going to impact our clients for the next several years. Our entire reputation management service and process was developed on the plane ride home after a Staffing World event!”

Any interest in a speaking to Brad in Chicago? Schedule a meeting with Brad or any attending member of our team.

See you there!

This year’s attendees include:

David Searns, CEO

Brad Smith, Director of SEO and Social Media

Brian Vaccaro, Marketing Consultant

Paula Pirrone Zeisz, Director of Marketing Education

Ryan Maher, Marketing Consultant

Cathy Lanski, Copywriter 

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