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How to Use Instagram for Your Business

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You probably have your own Instagram account, but does your business? It’s time, as more and more candidates (and clients!) are using the tool to get “behind the scenes” information on your company. Grab your phone and your goals and read my tips below!


“Sell” as little as possible

This sounds counterintuitive to your business goals, but your Instagram followers don’t want to be bombarded with sales (promotional) messages while they’re scrolling through their feeds. It’s ok to promote a job fair or an open house, but don’t let those messages clog your feed or you’ll quickly lose followers.

The point of using your Instagram account to promote your business is to build brand recognition and show off your workplace culture. While placements can happen, do not expect to see job orders roll in.


Go behind the scenes

The great thing about Instagram is its simplicity. It’s one horizontal feed meant to be seen on mobile. There aren’t any sidebars with ads or distractions like Facebook. Your friends aren’t alerted when you like or comment on a photo. Because of this, users feel like they can get to the heart of a company by peeking into the day to day. Good content for your staffing firm is birthday or anniversary celebrations, community service projects and team-building events.


Use branded images

Professional-looking branded images can make an impact on your feed. When users are scrolling quickly through their feeds, they may not take the time to see the name of a company if it’s not evident in the picture. Haley Marketing offers branded images with your company logo that stand out.

Haley Marketing Group

Post when your audience is watching

Instagram Insights tells you exactly when your audience is on Instagram by the day and the hour. You can see by this image that Haley Marketing Group has steady options on Tuesdays.

Haley Marketing Group

Avoid these things:

Don’t use images that are blurry or out of focus. Don’t steal images without citing your source. Instagram makes it easy to tag the original poster in your own post by tapping on the image and adding the account name. Be careful not to take images from search engines as you may violate copyright agreements.


For Instagram images or more how-to advice, contact the Social Media Marketing Experts at Haley Marketing Group!

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