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Mid-year Assessments

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In one of our recent episodes of our Secrets of Staffing Success podcast, Leigh Ann Pagnard talked about the importance of doing mid-year assessments:

“Look at your systems and say what’s easy and what’s hard and what should we do about it while we have the money.”

Hard to believe but the year is half over.  Which means it’s the perfect time to look at your organization and see what changes might need to be made.  If it sounds like a big undertaking, don’t worry, I’ve included some places to start.


The old cliche is true, your website is your store front.  What does it say about your company?  Are you a $200 million company but your website makes you look like a $200,000 company?  Then it might be time for a refresh.  And don’t forget the mobile side.  With 52% of all website traffic coming from mobile devices it’s critical that your mobile experience is seamless for visitors.


Speaking of mobile, as of 2017, 55% of all emails were opened on a mobile device.  Yet so few companies take this into account when designing their emails.  Think about how many times you’ve need to zoom in or try and click a link with the tip of your pinky in a mobile email.  It’s a key component of the client/candidate experience.  Make your images and links large enough so users don’t have to zoom in.  And include large call to action buttons so they can easily click with any finger.

Candidate Experience

One of the best pieces of advice that Leigh Ann gave during our podcast was to spend time as a candidate in your own company.  From the application to the interview, to testing, what is it like for the people who visit your site or walk in the door?  How do you feel afterwards?  Do you feel like you just went through the ringer?  With the shortage of available candidates you must ensure that your experience is better than your competitors.

Social Media

Do you dominate your social media position?  Or are you just posting pics of puppies and babies?  No offense to the dog lovers out there but to stand out in a crowded social media landscape you need to be providing great content that is of interest to your audience.  It shouldn’t just be about you.  A good social media program is a mix of job postings, candidate profiles, content with take home value, and I guess a cute puppy here and there won’t hurt either.

Internal Processes

Don’t forget all of the items the outside world doesn’t see.  Your internal processes can make a huge difference in your time-to-fill, the ROI of your sales efforts, and the productivity of your staff.  Similar to going through the candidate experience, I suggest sitting down with each department in your office to figure out what can be done to streamline your internal processes.  We’re big fans of the Tennis Ball Experiment here at Haley.

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