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In Staffing Customer Service, Some Things Never Change

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6 years?!

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been writing this blog for over 6 years! (Here’s a link to my first ever Shareworthy Service post if you missed it).

In that time we’ve witnessed the end of the Great Recession, elected a new President and ushered in an age where artificial intelligence has become a normal part of daily business.

And those are just a few of the changes we’ve seen. While technology has advanced and the trends that shape staffing customer service have evolved, much of the advice I’ve shared over the years still rings true today.

In staffing customer service, some things never change.

Here are three of my favorite “evergreen” customer service fundamentals:

Shareworthy service is for internal customers, too.

Amazing service shouldn’t be reserved just for the people outside your company – it’s for your internal customers, as well. Industry-leading staffing firms know this and focus on providing exceptional service with every interaction – whether the “customer” is a client, prospect, job seeker, field associate, fellow employee, direct report or boss. Adopting a customer service mindset when working with others in your organization is good for everyone (and great for business):

  • it increases employee satisfaction and company morale;
  • it lowers employee acquisition costs;
  • it increases employee productivity and performance;
  • it sets the bar for how well your external customers are treated.

This post contains practical tips for delivering great internal customer service that are still relevant today.

Create a great first impression.

This piece of advice came from that very first Shareworthy Service post I wrote in 2012. But while the advice itself hasn’t changed, the ways in which clients and candidates first interact with your brand has. Today, it’s much more likely that the first experience an employer or job seeker has with your staffing firm may be with a chatbot or via social media. Regardless of how or where that first impression is made, however, it’s important to ensure it’s a positive one – because the first experience they have with you sets the tone for the entire business relationship.

Make your service processes transparent.

No matter how exceptional your staffing agency is, and no matter how high your Net Promoter score is, you’ll still have your fair share of mistakes and upset customers. Service issues are part of being in a service industry! And when staffing problems occur, transparency is critical to effective service recovery – so explain what caused the issue and the steps you’ll take to resolve it. Giving customers a clear view into your resolution process alleviates frustration and goes a long way toward restoring trust.

But don’t reserve service transparency for problems; it’s important for positive experiences, too! Frank, honest communication in your everyday interactions (e.g., phone conversations, marketing communications, presentations, blog posts) helps you to:

  • educate clients about the value of staffing;
  • dispel common misconceptions about the staffing industry;
  • increase acceptance of changes you make to your business;
  • build trust and loyalty.

Shareworthy service never goes out of style.

While the methods we use to deliver it may change, the basics – putting your best foot forward, treating others as you’d like to be treated, being honest – never will. I hope the insights and advice I’ve shared over the past six years have helped you raise the bar in customer service for your firm – and that you’ll continue to find these posts helpful for years to come.

Have a customer service topic you’d like me to tackle in an upcoming post? Please leave a comment below or drop me a line!

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