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How to Turn a Staffing Newsletter into Website Traffic

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Email marketing is a powerful tool; providing some of the highest ROI among digital channels. Email newsletters, when executed properly, can improve engagement and build connections. But did you know your newsletter content can do even more?

When Is a Newsletter More Than “Just” Email?

Recently, Vector Technical, Inc. came to our team looking for new sources of website traffic. Though they were using social media, they weren’t getting the numbers they knew were truly possible from both channels.  As a ten-year HaleyMail client, Vector actually had an entire library at their disposal that could be leveraged to build new connections and drive more website traffic from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

You may be saying to yourself, “But wait! HaleyMail is a client and candidate newsletter. What does that have to do with social media?” HaleyMail is actually so much more than “just” a newsletter. Each month, HaleyMail clients receive several pieces of content that can be used not only in their email newsletter, but also for blogging, social content and to generate new conversations among LinkedIn group members.

Newsletter Content + Social Media = Traffic

The Haley Marketing team was able to present our client with an economical, yet effective social media strategy using HaleyMail. Newsletter content was shared across social platforms, along with content from their Staffing and Candidate Resource Centers. Resource Centers are part of the HaleyMail program, offering a vast content library on a variety of relevant topics like staffing, hiring, HR, work-life balance, career advancement and technology.

Though the strategy sounds simple, it had an immediate impact. In just three months’ time, Vector saw impressive traffic increases from social media:

  • 182 percent increase from Facebook
  • 1,200 percent increase from LinkedIn
  • 1,800 percent increase from Twitter
  • 223 percent overall increase in traffic from social media

You can learn more about this strategy by reading Vector Technical Inc.’s full case study.

[Case Study] Email Marketing Is More Than “Just a Newsletter”

Turn Readers Into Dollars

HaleyMail is more than just a newsletter. It is an award-winning complete content marketing system that has generated millions of dollars for our clients. It will keep you top-of-mind, position you as a true staffing expert, nurture relationships and more. Haley Marketing provides all the content and designs, sends the emails on your behalf and tracks your results. And when combined with social media, you can boost traffic even more and find new ways to turn readers into applicants and clients.

If you’re ready to turn newsletters and social media into a marketing powerhouse, contact the team at Haley Marketing Group today.


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