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Spinnin’ Our Greatest Hits, Volume IV – Top Shareworthy Service Posts of 2018

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Want to make your staffing firm more successful in 2019 – in less than 10 minutes?

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Each month, I share research, insights and best practices for creating consistently exceptional customer experiences – for clients, candidates and even your internal employees.

What were the hottest customer service topics and trends over the past year? Here are the “Greatest Hits” from 2018 – the most liked and shared posts about customer service for staffing and recruiting firms:

Little Words Mean a Lot in Customer Service

Which of these phrases would you rather hear: “No problem,” or, “My pleasure!” The difference is subtle (the latter has a more positive connotation), but making small tweaks in customer service language can have a huge impact on an individual’s experience. In this post, I share words and phrases you and your team can use to make staffing customers even happier.

Staffing CX: 5 Customer Experience Trends for 2018

Changing customer expectations and evolving technology make it tough to consistently “wow” your clients and candidates; what worked yesterday won’t necessarily cut it today – much less tomorrow. If you want to continue offering an amazing customer experience, stay on top of these staffing CX trends that gained traction in 2018 – and will become even more popular in the year ahead.

Stop Making It So Hard for Prospects to Contact You

What do you REALLY need to know from clients the very first time they contact you? What do your new candidates REALLY need to tell you so you can start working with them? Not as much as you might think. So, stop making them jump through hoops to get in touch with you! In this post, Rob Eisman shares tips for “trimming the fat,” and making it easier to convert prospects to clients and job seekers to candidates.

Forget New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s a Better Way to Improve Customer Service

Habits are a much more effective way than resolutions to achieve a goal, because they focus on creating long-term change. Instead of setting a resolution to deliver better customer service in 2019, rally your team to create better service habits. If you need a little inspiration, I share great habits of high-performing customer service professionals in this post.

5 Customer Service Terms All Staffing Industry Professionals Should Know

Social media, big data and AI are transforming the way customers interact with your staffing or recruiting firm, as well as the way you meet their needs. And along with those changes come – you guessed it – new terminology. Whether you’re an industry veteran or just cutting your teeth, here are 5 essential customer service terms you should make part of your vernacular.

Check Out These “Oldies” Too!

These chart-topping customer service posts from 2017 are packed with insights and tips your team can use to dramatically improve customer service.

Have a customer service question, or a topic you’d like to see me cover in this blog? I’d love to hear from you – just drop me a line!

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