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A Surprising Fact About Original Content (Staffing Pros NEED to Read This!)

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Does that title sound like clickbait to you?

Good. It was.

Many companies try to add titles that “trick” readers into engaging, only to ply them with ads or sales-pitch-ridden content that isn’t what the article promised. This can lead to readers quickly “bouncing” from your site, and may even deter them from returning if they see your company as untrustworthy.

Nobody Likes to Feel Fooled

What should you do, instead? Create original content that is actually relevant to your clients’ and candidates’ lives. Whether your article shares five common-sense tips for making it to an interview on time, or how to reduce the time-to-fill on high-volume job orders, there is content abound in the staffing and recruiting industry.

Share Content That Answers Their Questions

Not only does this original and relevant content pertain to your audience, but 78% of consumers report that content they feel is relevant increases their purchase intent.*

Are you willing to lose 78% of your potential client and candidate placements?

Stop the clickbait and start creating original, engaging content that matters to the staffing and recruiting industry.

Don’t have time to write your own engaging blogs, emails, or website copy? That’s what Haley Marketing is for! We have a team of writers waiting to create a content strategy for your business that can help you stand out, stay top of mind, and sell more.



* Source: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/7-top-content-marketing-trends-you-cant-ignore-in-2019/544579/

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