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Are You in the Right Frame of Mind?

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What you say about your staffing company’s services online matters. But telling someone what your business does is not nearly as impactful as how you position yourself as the solution to their problems. One way to do this in your messaging is to adopt gain frame and loss frame communication strategies.

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it!”

Ever heard this before? Essentially, the feeling and emotion behind a message are often much more persuasive than the message itself.

What’s in it for me?

Using a gain frame message, whether it be on your website, on social media or in an online ad, focuses on a positive outcome. By nature, people want to know what’s the benefit to them by using your services. You can even use this tactic to bring out the FOMO.

For example, something basic like “We’ll help you find a new job” sounds a lot better when you focus on how people can advance their lifestyle – “Your dream vacation is waiting” or “Find a job your friends will be jealous of.” The latter sound much more persuasive.

Appealing to the risk-averse

On the other hand, you can use a loss frame message to emphasize the costs of an action or uncertain alternatives. In general, these types of messages tend to be very effective because people are more sensitive to potential bad things that could happen to them.

For staffing companies trying to appeal to passive job seekers, focus on the pain points that people suffer from in their current positions. Low salary, missing out on time with friends and family, long commutes and stress are just a few topics you can leverage. For someone in those types of situations, considering the personal costs of staying at a job that makes them unhappy will ultimately drive them towards your services.

What’s the best way to refine your messaging?

At Haley Marketing Group, we spend every day helping clients in the staffing and recruiting industry to create effective communication strategies. Don’t miss out on business because of boring or humdrum copy! Reach out to the experts today.

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