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Five Reasons Programmatic Advertising Should Be in Your 2020 Recruitment Budget

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The easiest time to try something new is at the start of the calendar year. Flipping over to January 1 provides a natural break and fresh avenue to implementing a new strategy or tactic to help your staffing agency reach its business goals.

With recruitment continuing to be an incredible challenge for all companies, being more efficient with the recruitment budget provides a competitive advantage to your staffing agency over the competitors.

If you know how to beat your competition to the qualified talent as soon as new jobs come in, your business will grow. And, it will take less time than you are currently spending on your job board strategy.

Here are five reasons programmatic advertising should be in the budget for staffing agencies and recruiters:

  • Save Recruiters Time
  • Expand and Test Job Titles
  • Stop Spending on Jobs that Don’t Need Sponsorship
  • Spend on the Right Platforms
  • Save Staffing Agency Owner Time

Save Recruiters Time

I have a horror story to share the process that one of our clients used to follow to post their sponsored jobs on Indeed.

Every week (or two weeks), they would send a spreadsheet of jobs to Indeed, who would then sponsor the jobs. That is incredibly inefficient!

Think about the time lost during this process:

  • Each recruiter sent the jobs they want to be sponsored to a designated team member
  • That team member compiles the lists
  • Indeed has to receive the lists
  • Indeed has to sponsor the jobs

On top of that inefficient process, what if priorities change? If we are only updating jobs every 7-14 days, that’s not meeting the needs of recruiters.

Programmatic advertising is going to eliminate those inefficiencies. Jobs go straight from the applicant tracking system, to the software, to the job boards. No more coordinating with job boards. No more manually copying and pasting.

A recruitment marketing agency will work with your staffing agency to create the right strategy to automate which jobs receive sponsorship based on your recruiters’ current needs.

Give your recruiters more time to ACTUALLY RECRUIT! They don’t want to copy and paste. They want to fill open jobs. By giving them more time, your recruiters can beat your competition when trying to land the qualified talent.

Expand and Test Your Job Titles

Testing different variations in any aspect of marketing is a best practice. In recruiting, one area to test is job titles.

What gets a job seeker to click on the job? The job title!

Here is a test we conducted:

  • Original Job: LTC CNA – 8 applications
  • First Variation: Long Term Care CNA – 24 applications
  • Second Variation: LTC Certified Nurse Assistant – 5 applications

Because of these job title variations, the same job opening yielded 29 more applications!

Now, we can do two things

  1. Continue to post this job with multiple job titles
  2. Change our original job title to the one that converts better.

Stop Runaway Jobs

There are jobs your staffing company has that collects applications easily. Do those jobs really need the same sponsorship as the jobs you have that struggle to receive applications?

Let’s look at another example.

A construction company hires for several different positions. One of those positions is General Laborer. Their pipeline is huge for the position, so they don’t really need new candidates. On top of that, that sponsored job of a General Laborer will draw a lot of clicks and eat up the budget. There are more qualified candidates for a General Laborer position than for an Electrician or a Sheet Metal Mechanic.

What did we do?

We limited the amount of time the General Laborer positions received sponsorship to three days.

Here’s what we found:

  • First 20 Days of August: General Laborer job ads ate up 17 percent of the budget
  • First 20 Days of September: General Laborer job ads ate up 4 percent of the budget

On top of not wasting recruitment budget on jobs that don’t need it, we can now direct those funds to jobs in target states without having to increase the overall budget.

Spend on the Right Platforms

Without data, we are relying on gut instinct. That’s not the right way to run a business. Years of experience can help but do we really know that the cost per application on Job Board A is less than Job Board B? Or is that just our perception?

Let’s look at our final example.

This company has warehouse and industrial positions in Alabama, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Here is some recent data:

June 2019:

  • Job Board A: $3.14 CPA; 75% of monthly budget
  • Job Board B: $5.94 CPA; 25% of monthly budget

There is a difference but I’m OK with some diversification here at these CPA levels.

July 2019

  • Job Board A: $2.15 CPA; 75% of monthly budget
  • Job Board B: $10.05 CPA; 25% of monthly budget

We can’t be stubborn with our diversification. This is a significant difference. Let’s make a change

August 2019

  • Job Board A: $2.11 CPA; 94% of monthly budget
  • Job Board B: $9.97 CPA; 6% of monthly budget

One Change Led to 467 more applications!

For this client, they wanted as many applications as possible to fill the talent pipeline. If the candidate wasn’t the right fit for the open job, they know they will have more open jobs coming. Minimizing the time to hire is vital in their markets.

By knowing which job boards produced the lowest cost per application, we could make changes to help meet their business goals.

Save YOU Time

For our last point, let’s circle back to the first point of saving your recruiters time. How can we save you time? How can we save the staffing agency owner time? How can we save time for the leader of the recruiting department or for the vice president of operations?

Not having to deal with the job boards.

By partnering with a recruitment marketing company, they will serve as the “Agency of Record” and handle all communication and billing with the job boards. Instead of getting hounded by job boards looking to get a piece of your budget, you can just direct them to who is managing your recruitment budget.

Now you don’t have to jump on phone calls with multiple publishers to hear monthly and quarterly reports. Now you don’t have to worry about changing job boards because something new is in your inbox.

Trust your “Agency of Record” to handle the budget, make recommendations, optimize campaigns, and bring new job boards to your attention when they think they are the right fit.

By partnering with the right company, you can gain their valuable insight into working in this area every single day and knowing which job boards are the right fits for the right staffing agency.

Get back the time you need to manage your time to help close new job orders or to make more placements. Grow your business and reach your business goals.

Connect with the Haley Marketing Group today to learn why programmatic job advertising should be a part of your 2020 recruitment budget. And see how we can deliver on these five reasons.


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