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Bending the Rules to Follow “The Rule of Threes”: A Shareworthy Service Case Study

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At Haley Marketing, we operate by “The Rule of Threes.” Every service goal we set (and every decision we make, for that matter) must meet these three criteria:

  1. It must be good for the client.
  2. It must be good for our team members.
  3. It must be good for our company.

What does this core value look like in action? Recently, Social Media Marketing Advisor Stephanie Ryndak created a truly shareworthy experience for a valued client, one of our talented writers, and our company by putting The Rule of Threes to work. Here’s how she followed the rule (and bent a few others) to deliver great results for everyone involved:

The Client: Cloutera

Based in Seattle, WA, Cloutera helps startups hire great tech and manufacturing talent, scale teams and diversify talent pools. Offering full lifecycle recruiting, RPO, diversity recruiting solutions and more, they take a very collaborative approach to hiring to deliver great results.

The Challenge:

Cloutera came to Haley Marketing as a blogging and Social Pro client, eager for us to build a program that:

  • appealed to their sophisticated clients
  • promoted the value of their services
  • complemented their high-touch approach to attract passive talent

During the first few months of their program, it became clear that our standard blogging service did not satisfy The Rule of Threes:

  1. Due to the nature of their business, Cloutera needed specialized content about highly technical topics that often required extensive research.
  2. Our writer, Tamila, struggled to sufficiently research and then write posts that were in-depth enough to meet our client’s needs within budget.

Understandably, both Jennifer Carter, Cloutera’s Humans Resource and Operations Director and our primary account contact, as well as our writer, were frustrated. Rather than become frustrated herself, however, Stephanie was confident that she could find a solution that would work for all parties involved.

Bending the rules to follow the rules:

Our client wanted higher caliber content – but didn’t want to increase their spend.

Our writer wanted to deliver a great product – but didn’t want to work for free.

So, Stephanie knew she’d need to get creative:

  1. Over the next few months, she worked with Jennifer and Tamila to build a more customized program that satisfied everyone’s goals.
  2. After multiple discussions with the client, the writer and our internal team, as well as several rounds of testing, Stephanie proposed switching the blog program from four standard-length posts to two more in-depth posts.
  3. To make sure the new program worked for everyone, we doubled Tamila’s writing budget and provided extra free services that set Cloutera up for success.


Stephanie’s patience and creative problem-solving paid off!

Jennifer is now pleased with the depth of content and quality of writing:

“Those blogs are great. Very well written, backed up with data and supply information that is very useful! Wonderful job to you and the writer.”

“So happy that we are able to move forward with the extended blogs. The quality is so much better! Thank you for all of your help and your patience as we have worked through all of the little issues to get the blog and social content where everyone is happy with it.”

Tamila is glad we listened to – and addressed – her concerns:

“The information that you supplied was very helpful and just the fact that you guys cared enough to listen to my frustration and try to work out something with the client that benefited everyone means the world to me. Thanks so much.”

“I’m so happy that everyone is happy!!! Thanks for having faith in me!!!”

Sometimes, you have to bend the rules to deliver Shareworthy Service.

While systems, guidelines and processes are essential for any business to operate successfully, so is doing what’s in everyone’s best interest. With a new program in place, we have a happy client, a happy writer and we’re thrilled, too!

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