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Shareworthy Communication with Temps: Here’s What They Want in 2020

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How do your temporary workers want you to communicate with them?

It’s a deceptively simple question – and one that Staffing Industry Analysts set out to answer with their 2020 North American Temporary Worker Survey. The full report is available to members, and here are a few highlights you may find interesting:

  • Email is #1. More than half of temporary workers (54%) prefer email communications.
  • Surprisingly, phone calls ranked #2 (preferred by 21%).
  • Communication preferences vary by age. Email popularity increases (and text message popularity decreases) as wage levels increase. Preference for phone calls increases (and for text messages decreases) as age ranges increase.

What types of information do temps want from your staffing firm?

Obviously, associates want to know about what jobs you have available. But beyond job postings, the SI Analysts survey results reveal a few more things you should share with your temps:

  • Performance feedback. Like direct employees, temp workers want information about how well they are doing on the job.
  • Career development and training options. Do your recruiters work with associates to create career paths? Does your agency offer technology or other types of skills training? If so, be sure to communicate what you offer – and why your associates should take advantage of them.
  • Assignment specifics. Temporary workers want more than nuts-and-bolts information about job duties. Things like the employer’s culture and the chances of an assignment converting to direct employment are important to share.
  • Information about your website and app. Never assume your associates know how to use (or even know about) your career site or mobile app.

Takeaways for your staffing firm:

Right now, operating conditions are changing rapidly. We’re all adjusting to new ways of working, and many of us (including temp workers) are struggling with anxiety. As a result, frequent, effective and compassionate communication with your associates is critical:

  • It alleviates temps’ anxiety. Knowledge is power!
  • It shows that you care about your associates. Going the extra mile to engage with your workers demonstrates your desire to build real relationships (which is also good for your employment brand).
  • It encourages meaningful dialogue. Communicating with temporaries encourages them to open up to you. In the process, you may identify and resolve small issues before they become big problems.
  • It can improve both assignment completion and redeployment. Keeping in touch with deployed temps can motivate them to stick with a tough assignment. Reaching out at the right time can also help temps line up their next assignment before the current one ends.
  • It can help you get better results from your technology. When temps understand how to use your career portal tools, your app, your online training, or any other candidate-facing tech you have, they’re more likely to use it – and use it properly.

Here are a few resources your firm can use to improve your temp employee communications:

Need better tools or processes for communicating with your associates? We can help! Start a conversation with a marketing educator today.

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