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Peace of Mind: A Shareworthy Service Essential

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As I sat down to write this post, I was thinking about one of our core values:

Delivering a WOW.

At Haley Marketing, we always try to provide that little unexpected extra to surprise and delight clients. Those WOWs can take many forms:

  • providing smart advice during the sales process;
  • delivering ahead of schedule;
  • spending extra time educating clients to ensure they get the highest ROI from our solutions and technology.

If you look at this list carefully, you’ll notice two things:

  1. These WOWs are just as applicable in staffing as they are in marketing.
  2. Delivering a WOW in customer service doesn’t take heroic efforts, but there is one key difference that separates “good” from “amazing”:

Creating peace of mind.

In staffing, here are three things that will make a huge impact on clients’ and candidates’ peace of mind – and elevate your customer service from “adequate” to “best in class”:

  • Be proactive. Try conducting “peace of mind calls,” where you proactively contact clients or candidates to touch base, find out how they’re doing, and let them know you’re available to help. Right now, many of us are still wading in a sea of uncertainty; reaching out to check in fosters trust in you and your firm.
  • Be easy to work with. Great systems, policies and processes are the foundation of any successful staffing agency. When employers and job seekers can work with you without having to jump through hoops, they’re more confident they’ve chosen the right staffing partner.
  • Be honest – especially with candidates. Providing peace of mind for job seekers starts with forthright communication. These simple steps go a long way toward building your reputation as a firm that truly cares about candidates’ success:
    • Acknowledging online application receipt
    • Explaining the steps in your recruiting process
    • Providing feedback on why an individual was not selected for a job or assignment
    • Following up when job seekers contact you

Creating peace of mind is about increasing the comfort level an employer or job seeker has in working with you. It instills confidence in your staffing firm and makes people want to continue doing business with you. As conditions in our industry and the economy continue to change, think: What “little extras” could you deliver to increase customers’ peace of mind?

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